Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sebelius Did Resign Because Obamacare Won

The ambiguously gay duo of Matt Yglesias and Ezra Klein bequeathed to media watchers a wonderful headline on their new site, Vox, "Kathleen Sebelius is Resigning Because Obamacare has Won". I would agree with the fey duo if not for the final touch where either Yglesias or Klein (unsure of which since Klein updated it) says that she can leave with it looking like a success. That is an outright lie unless viewed from an evil, progressive perspective. Obamacare is a win if one looks at it as the point where every political debate, election cycle or budget discussion was altered to forever involve health care and the mortal wounding of the private insurance and health care system. That was the progressive goal in the slow march towards fully nationalized health care.

Using the word "won" is important for it reveals the mindset of progressives and policy wonks like Klein. It is about winning, not positive policies or good governance. Like FDR's Social Security 1% idea, it is the foot in the door. They could have used a word like "success" or "working" in the headline but they chose to use "won". Vox is a site designed for lazy SWPLs to learn talking points boiled down to 15 second cocktail party comebacks and sound bites... and Faceborg comments. Won is the cue for a progressive foot soldier to throw in the face of anyone daring to criticize it. Any fool can see that it is not a success. Premiums continue to rise. Millions lost their individual coverage in the last eighteen months, which makes the supposed 7 million enrolled look like a wash. Think of the 7 million number. It is anywhere from 25 to 43 million short of the uninsured.

It is thousands of pages of red tape backed up by years of lying. More Obama-Sebelius statements were thrown into the lie column when the post-Obamacare premium numbers showed an increase in annual premiums by $2500 not a decrease (check Politifact's twisting of a truth meter score). Politifact can deny it, but the increases since Obamacare went into effect are partially driven by Obamacare due to simple changes in the law like removing pre-existing conditions exclusions. The insurers also padded premium levels to set up reserves for the near future hit of the Obamacare landscape. Part of the Obama administration's rosy GDP projections is due to expectations the underclass will now spend more on health care because they are covered now.

Not to defend the Obamacare legislation, but America does need to face some facts with regards to health care and insurance costs. We get our insurance primarily through our employers. Therefore, we are subject to group rates derived from the demographic profiles of our workforce. The average American is roughly 7 years older than he/she/zhe was in the 1970s. Older people create more health care needs. People are working longer, as Zero Hedge often points out that employment for those over 55 has been strong through this depression. Boomers have to work since they did not save anything for retirement. Never thought they would get old. The media discusses the unemployment problem of the under 30 crowd. In this horrible recession, we have employers with older employees and not a lot of new blood into their firms. This makes the average age of a corporation older, which means insurance based on actuarial tables where age and gender are the prime movers will cost more because the risk pool is older and more likely to use health services. I will not discuss it, but we have not slowed down on getting fatter, which creates demand for health care (more properly labeled sick care). America cannot look in the mirror and see that it is the fat, middle aged Prom Queen going to her 25th Year Class Reunion, not perky 18 year old going to Prom Night.

Yglesias and Klein do not care if insurance costs have risen significantly since the law went into effect hurting employers from hiring new employees. If the per employee cost jumps by $3,000 ('09-'13 rise), that is roughly 10% of the average salary of an American worker. That hurts producer costs in the middle of a recession. They do not care. The Obama administration is not about an economic recovery. Obamacare is not about covering people. A down economy makes more people dependent on the government, which is their goal. Obamacare is about power and destroying the private system from the progressive perspective. From here on out after the Supreme Court allowed Obamacare to continue, every budget debate will have an Obamacare element. How much? Who? What programs? If you threaten to cut it or take anything away, CBS, ABC and NBC will all have special segments in the news about poor little angels who will be crushed by the cutbacks. If Obamacare destroys the current system, the progressives get to watch the media say the only way to fix the plan is a nationalized system. The health insurer perspective is trying to install a nationalized system administered by private health insurers so they can collect profits. That is the battle, and right now, it looks like the progressives are winning.

Europe is already making changes to their social welfare system, with some nations even looking at privatizing portions of the health care system. Progressives do not care. They just want socialized medicine so they can be art history majors and not have their parents get mad at them, "Ginger, at least Emma will have insurance even if she paints using vaginal fluids, phew". Yes, the US system is not perfect and places 37th on international rankings of health care systems, but it is 37th because we score poorly on metrics that involve socialized system characteristics. We score poorly compared to OECD nations on infant mortality because we have a 40 million person African nation and 50 million person Mexican nation within our borders. Japan and France do not have those populations, but for us, they become problems which progressives can fix with programs like Obamacare and eventually, Hillarycare (Clintoncare sounds better). Obamacare is a progressive trick applied to a nation that bears little resemblance to the America that existed when nationalized systems were dreamed up or educated consumers were required. Obamacare did win. No matter how poorly Obamcare does, it is like an NFL lineman taking a 15 yard penalty for roughing the passer on a play where they knock the other team's quarterback out of the game. It is disgusting. It is a shame, but the later victory is all but certain.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mechanics of the Race Hustle Game

Want to run down the race rabbit hole? Read Doug Glanville's essay on when he was racially profiled in his driveway. Kafka would be proud of the ludicrous response to a simple police officer's question by Glanville's social circle and the community. Glanville steps outside to shovel his driveway and a cop asks him if he is shoveling to make some money, unaware Glanville lives there. The progressive horror follows. Let us review the theater of the absurd.

Glanville was not affected by this cop questioning him, maybe a bit let down, but he went on with his life. The offense meter bumped up when others found out. Forget any anguish if say a black guy in the neighborhood was going around breaking and entering but hey, the cop "noticed" something was odd. He is at fault for recognizing patterns. Glanville's Ivy educated lawyer wife shot an email to the state senator that lives near them (the mayor and governor both live nearby too).
As soon as I told my wife what had happened, she sent the senator a furious email under the subject line “Shoveling While Black”:
Doug just got detained by West Hartford Police in front of our house while shoveling our driveway, questioning him about asking to be paid for shoveling. The officer left when Doug told him that it was his house. There were several other people on our street out in front of their houses shoveling snow at the same time. None of them were stopped for questioning. Just wanted to vent to someone whom we know cares and would be equally outraged.
Before I could even digest what happened, my wife's email had set a machine in motion. A diverse swatch of Hartford influentials banded together to assess the situation, including the chief of police, local attorneys, and security officers from the neighborhood civic association. Within a couple of hours, I had outlined my version of events to the Hartford police department’s internal affairs department. Most told me that I just had to decide how far I wanted to take my complaint.
Our next door neighbor (the one with the snowblower) helped my wife and me sort out the facts and figure out our options. He has a legal resume that covers a wide range of jurisprudence, from parking authorities to boards of African American–centric charter schools. He was in our living room within an hour.
The first step was to articulate exactly what the West Hartford officer had done. He'd been outside his jurisdiction—the representative from internal affairs had confirmed this. That meant a police officer from another town had come to my house, approached me while I was shoveling my own driveway, and—without any introduction—asked me a very presumptuous question. 
All of this had put me in an extremely vulnerable situation. In one moment, I went from being an ordinary father and husband, carrying out a simple household chore, to a suspect offering a defense. The inquiry had forced me to check my tone, to avoid sounding smug even when I was stating the obvious: that I was shoveling the driveway because the house belonged to me.
The cop asked a presumptuous question! How dare he! Two weeks ago a cop asked me who I was as I walked out my garage with a phone in my hand. Should I have called the ACLU? This all happened before the crack black legal team of offended race hustlers could learn the possible motivations of the cop. He was just an evil cop. What might the officer's motivations be?
I soon learned that West Hartford had an ordinance that prohibits door-to-door solicitation. A man whom I allegedly resembled had broken this ordinance. Someone in West Hartford had called the police, and a young officer, believing he was doing his duty, had pursued the complaint to my street. Our block would have been the first stop for the wayward shoveler if he had entered Hartford. 
Right away, I noted that the whole thing had been a lot of effort over shoveling. The West Hartford ordinance allowed its residents to call in violations at their own discretion—in effect, letting them decide who belonged in the neighborhood and who did not. That was a problem in itself, but it also put the police in a challenging position. They had to find a way to enforce the problem in a racially neutral way, even if they were receiving complaints only on a small subsection of violators. In my case, the officer had not only spoken to me without respect but had crossed over into a city where West Hartford’s ordinance didn’t even apply. 

Right away Doug? You noticed right away? How about when your wife was cranking out her email? There is no way she did not talk to herself and occasionally yell out to you about how fired up she was. She emailed a state senator about a cop asking a man why he was shoveling when a call had come in. Glanville's second paragraph reveals the problems of a multicultural society run by progressives in a democracy. Everything must be done in a racially neutral way in the progressive mind no matter how concentrated complaints are. Sounds like disparate impact applied to policing. This will only get worse, and the authorities in Connecticut reveal to Glanville how.
The mayor of West Hartford assured me that he championed efforts to diversify his town, and the chief of police told me he is active in Connecticut’s statewide Racial and Ethnic Disparity Commission in the Criminal Justice System.
Proving their progressive merit badges were earned, the mayor and chief of police both have spent hours biting their lips and shaking their heads as ethnics tell horrible tales of locked car doors and scowls in elevators. Connecticut: bastion of horrible racism. If you look at the NY Times census maps, West Hartford is where whites ran to in order to escape the gang problems of Hartford and East Hartford. United Technologies had a lot of employees who lived there. If you look at the race distribution map for Connecticut, it does have a nice financially arranged apartheid set up for progressives to safely live in small towns and suburbs while all the blacks live in several cities. It is okay when progressives do it with money, not when Afrikaners or Southerners do it with laws.

This is pretty pathetic for a racial harassment event. It still becomes an Atlantic article for SWPLs and older liberals to shake their head at or even cry while reading. Sniff sniff, why did we ride those buses decades ago? This is all an absurd waste of time, money and effort that reveals more about the demented situation we have in the American legal system whenever race is involved. Think of what these experts Glanville had at his disposal are experts in: race harassment, what is racist, what tripped the fuzzy grey line, et cetera et cetera. This is how the race hustlers work. Did you hear Glanville got shook down by a cop in his driveway? Oh Lord, it's Alabama 1954, never mind that Glanville could buy a home in the mayor and governor's neighborhood. What Glanville and company do not see, what they can never comprehend, is that when a minor question by a concerned cop elicits such a response by dozens of people, people with real authority, the power is in the hands of people like Glanville, not the evil, white cop.

Once in Place, a Democracy's Programs Only Grow

This is a small, quaint anti-FDR advertisement from 1936. The ad is about Social Security. It was a simple 1% deduction then, with the prospects of going "as high as 4%". The money was never guaranteed to get back to you as Congress may appropriate it for other uses. There was no guarantee. No lockbox to borrow from Al Gore. Whether you believe the government or you believe outside observers, Social Security will go broke within your lifetime. Even before it goes broke, it will hit triggers due to deficits that will cut benefits instantaneously. You will not get paid what you expected. These warnings in 1936 were not dire enough. The warnings were written by men who did not understand the nature of their enemy or of the game they played.

If only it went as high as 4%!
Did this work in 1936? No. FDR was reelected with a higher % of popular vote (60%) and picked up a few extra states, losing only Maine and Vermont. The right tried to warn people, but the people made their choice. Buying votes with farm reform, works projects and "doing something" all worked. Amity Shlaes book "The Forgotten Man" describes how FDR's administration is the start of mobilizing and paying off constituencies as well as the idea that the government is responsible for a healthy economy. Hoover bought into that second part as well, and some of the back and forth as the administrations transitioned reveal just how despicable FDR and his cronies were. They wanted things as awful as possible for their first 100 days of legislative activity to fix the problem in their preferred manner to secure future power.

We are still playing by this gameplan. All programs have a constituency whether low end section 8 leeches or GE's tax allowances and government help for "green" engine contracts when GE has never physically made the energy saving engine. The right's failure to realize the left sees politics as life and more power as the only goal, while they view politics as part of life. They could not dream of scaring voters enough about Social Security or see how FDR's gang had transformed the idea of voting. The progressives of FDR's era were the American children who put into play what Jacques Barzun called the great switch. Liberals using the means of the state for power, control and change rather than liberals wishing for more freedom from government control. The above 1936 advertisement did not go far enough. If honest, it would have stated how once you let the government take a hold of you for 1%, you are a dependent upon them. Once the government makes a move for 1%, 4% is not far, and incrementally they keep grabbing 1% more. Barzun and the old Republicans of the 1930s all miss that this is only possible when operating in a democracy.

Sounds about right

Monday, April 14, 2014

Signs of Decline, Incurable STDs

The progressives tell me that everyday is a better day. Forward! The future will be brighter. What about today? What about trends? Having the technological ability to have a video phone conversation with family across the globe is the future we were promised, but plenty of others items point towards a future we did not expect. How many sexually transmitted diseases can make comebacks? Looks like all of them except for HIV are on the march. The CDC says that chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis are all rallying. The report cites the scare number of 1 million Americans living with HIV. Do not worry about that, as the number was 1 million twenty years ago as well, and America now has 317 million citizens. The repetitive problem of infections on curable infections has now created a situation where doctors believe gonorrhea is on the edge of being incurable as it is growingly resistant to antibiotics. We're down to our last one. We live in the 21st century, is this a sign of decline or progress? It might not be a sign of decline as much as it is a sign that progressive wishes to perfect man will fail due to human nature and that long forgotten truths will make a comeback.

There is some discrepancies in gonorrhea reporting as the CDC report says 330,000 new cases, while an Atlantic article in 2012 says 700,000 new cases a year in the US. Either way, this is stupid human nature since gonorrhea transmission can be stopped by the simple use of condoms. Pushing the use of condoms has been a government and media effort for decades now. Many people just do not want to use condoms. More sex education will not be needed as this is 2014; we are flooded with talk about sex, safe sex, wild sex, gay sex, et cetera. Many people just do not want to use condoms. What about some proof? The CDC cites that blacks get chlamydia at a rate of 6.8 times whites. Here are two other careless sex consequences experienced at higher rates in the black community than the white community: abortions and illegitimate children. All trace back to not using birth control. Maybe all traces back to lack of condom use. This despite a media that has pushed condom use within that community to the point of rap and hip-hop music from 25 years ago citing the need to have safe sex. Before you laugh at red staters in Mississippi having the highest infection rate while New Hampshire is the lowest infection rate, keep in mind that Mississippi has the highest number of blacks as a percentage of its population (blue voter dysfunction, red state situs).

It does not work with everyone. People have to understand consequences. People have to worry about consequences. Medical technology can cure many STDs. Now the simpleton does not consider how someone with an STD like chlamydia or gonorrhea might also be carrying worse bugs. Those worse bugs are much rarer, but per the CDC many of the gay men getting syphilis now are also HIV carriers. A simple shot or oral antibiotic cured the small infections in the past (and now), and acted as a safety net. What is there to fear in catching a bug that the doctor can fix? Combined with bacterial evolution, we now face those simple bugs becoming potential death sentences again. Syphilis is a huge concern as it is deadly at greater rates than gonorrhea (chlamydia cannot kill you). Syphilis has jumped up to 15,000 infections a year, most new infections in gay men. Odd that we hear about the 70,000 gays who have married in the last decade but not of the 15,000 annual syphilis infections. Progressives forget that all of the education in the world is tossed away if the person does not listen, comprehend, internalize and then act on it. Not everyone is a Brahmin paranoid about ruining their chance to get a PhD in linguistics. The disconnect between our mandarin elite and the rabble they rule over is best exemplified by the silly gender and sex assumptions of Brahmins, which the lumpen proletariat do not understand.

Where could this lead? A hint might be how the West responded to HIV-AIDS. There was a hyper-scare in the late '80s and early '90s over HIV-AIDS. Part of it was to make straights think that this could happen to them just as easily as gay men. It was also real. Tracking AIDS deaths, the number dead per year marched up to 50,000 in the mid-'90s. Tracks along with women dressing like schleps in the grunge era, the "how many partners have you had" stupidity, multiple movies made where a woman caught HIV from her cheating husband (not a gay blood donor) and wearing red ribbons. ESPN sports writer Bill Simmons likes to cite this period of restrained sexuality as a bummer through his college years. Even the illegitimate birth rate was stagnant in that period. There were huge consequences, even if the threat was exaggerated for straights, for sexual promiscuity. You could drop dead within three years of catching HIV. It changed in the mid-'90s. What also changed in the mid-'90s was medicine. The AIDS cocktail worked like a charm. Deaths from AIDS dropped from over 50,000 in 1995 to roughly 12,000 today. The cocktail has crazy side effects and costs a lot of money, but you lived. Gays lived long enough to create subcultures of barebacking HIV positive men proud to be HIV positive. If gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis become incurable by 2020 and that affects 1 million people per year, how fast do adults alter their behavior? Even if we are a nation of 317 million, remove the under 15 and over 70 crowd and the pool gets smaller. Chip away with the morbidly obese or happily married, and the pool gets smaller still. Those 1 million infected become a greater chunk of the sexually active and single crowd.

This will not lead to a religious revival, but the Gods of the Copybook Headings shall return. Before antibiotics, there was a reason promiscuity was shunned. The Church in the 6th century could look at the ruin of decadent late Rome and craft social policy to change the course of history. There is a reason sluts were shamed and romeos and gigolos were mocked. They were disease carriers. Gay men were in the closet for a variety of reasons, and only with the help of progressives and the media did they dodge a push into the basement for spreading HIV-AIDS into Western society. How many women will continue to ride the carousel? If they continue to do so, be ready for automatic condom use men because if they choose to ride for years they do not want an STD to shut the door on their late hope that they can have one baby at 39. Your favorite strip club might be raided or given the heads up to change its internal business practices to keep its license. If nothing changes, we will see some carnage. The low future time orientation crowd will continue making mistakes until the word spreads that the nice doctors in lab coats do not have a fix this time. Media outlets will prime up some A block segments on those who need more education to prevent such horrible outcomes. Just how much will the media have to twist reports to make people think the antibiotics became ineffective  against specific STDs for reasons beyond our impulsive behavior? Why twist when one can omit? The media will do in the future what they do now, which is avoid citing the correlation between unrestrained sexual behavior pushed by that the media and academia and incurable STDs. While we whisked away carried on the tornado winds of our passions, the Gods of the Copybook Headings slowly stalked us. They will outlast us, return and instruct society anew.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Auctioning Humans

Debt serfdom may be the rage today to keep the lumpenproles in line, but until the Civil War and some constitutional amendments settled things, actual slavery was the means of keeping the underclass "in line" It was not just enslavement of blacks or indentured servitude of whites, but also the idea that there was a class below the peasant farmers in status. No matter how much the large slave holding estates were (few families would have been paid off if the North choose to do so) screwing the common man, at least the common man was free and not a slave. Let us look at the advertisements of slave auctions and be witnesses to history.

What is a "city guarantee"?

"Sold in families" hurts on myth of traders not talking into account families

Toddlers as part of package, must be family lots again.

Looks like an estate settlement auction. Common in the South as all of their capital was either land or slaves. Debts had to be covered by one or the other.

This one has children listed but no mention of selling slaves as families.

Wide variety of skills here. I imagine Hollywood would twist this into a horrible mockery of what it is at its core; liquidation of a small business.

Considering the date, 158 slaves would have been a huge payoff for the benefactors of this estate liquidation. This guy had a rice mill. Of course the North was never going to buy out the slaves. It would have given the elites of the South a huge capital boost, and a new labor pool that was accustomed to no pay. They would have set up factories and done well if their white tradesmen class was savvy enough.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Two Cover Girls

Two covers caught my eye recently but not because the women looked sexy. Beyoncé showed up on the cover of "Out" magazine and Lena Dunham appeared on the cover of "Glamour". These are pretty big figures in the cesspool of American pop culture, receiving accolades and praise from the chattering classes. What do they say or what do the pictures say? Their images reinforce the blurring of gender definitions and the ability of a modern individual to create themselves not just in outfits but in core association like race or gender.

Cover shot: Another White Woman oh wait, it's Beyoncé
The cover picture is black and white, helping to mask her skin tone. She has platinum blond hair. When we look back on the last 15 years, in say 20 years, are we going to say it was incredibly strange that the number one black female sex symbol in music spent her career with blond hair or will Beyonce be called a prophet of human modification?

This is the comparison for black women.
The media is quick to discuss the unfair media representations of white women for unattainable physiques or looks. What the hell is the media saying to black women by constantly strutting out blond Beyoncé (with light skin, A cups and no ass) and Rihanna (with red hair, no ass, very light skin)? Black women in America are overweight at a rate of 82%. The pressure is not working on them to match up, but goddamn, they do not even have a reasonable symbol. 

Gender confusion
There is another picture with Beyoncé in a hat, but this feels a bit Dietrich. It also plays on something that has to be present at drag shows now but will definitely be in the future: drag Beyoncé. She is tall, thin yet wide. She has minimal ass, A cups and her facial features are not petite. Easy to envision gay black guys or even Hispanics pulling off drag Beyoncé. Beyoncé is an attractive woman, but I cannot help but think of the days when blacks ripped Whitney Houston for not being black enough, see photo shoots like this and laugh my ass off. At least Beyoncé's odd thing is her blond hair obsession. It's not like androgynous Lena Dunham.

Is that a chubby gay teen?
I used to think Lena Dunham was a long prank on pushing fat acceptance. Not anymore. The NY Times has been following Dunham since she was 13, which is creepy but tips their hand a bit. Dunham, with a compliant media, is willing herself into being sexy. She is not, but that does not stop the media from discussing her openness towards her body, sexuality, blah blah blah, support the chubby girl. Is she feminine? Is she redefining femininity? Is she taking on a man's form to push that she is doing comedy like a man. Look at the picture above and check the one below.

Guy got done up for an AAU basketball game

Looks like a teenage guy. In these two pics, her breasts are nonexistent, her face looks kind of square-ish and she has the tat visible in what looks like a yellow muscle shirt. Put some make up on one of those confused teens in Slate articles and this is what you get. Like Beyoncé, Dunham is a phony symbol of the 21st century empowered woman fighting the patriarchy. They have both been used by the Democrats for Team Obama. They both push messages of women ruling the world or our bodies our rights. They are also examples of the media pushing the idea that no matter what you are you can mold yourself into something different by your own will. Beautiful black woman? Forget it, dye your hair and you can play Marilyn for a magazine. Flabby fugly girl? Ehhhh, let's be edgy and let you butch up a bit. Whatever you want and whatever you want to be is yours if you only want it badly enough.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Western Women Will Appropriate Anything

Belly dancing for their need to flaunt their flab. Yoga because they want to wear the pants and feel spiritual but not religious. Zumba, Tae Bo, fill in the blank non-Western thing that women can do as a cultural Pu-Pu platter in their life. They just cannot exercise and be done with it. It has to be different and exotic. God forbid anything be vanilla or they be perceived as normal. Crafting the Wicca thing out of nothing is a prime example. That is for former goths girls. SWPLs and educated white women need something quasi-religious, alien, but vague enough that they can mold it to whatever needs modern, Western women have. Say hello to Awakening Women.

Aaaaaawwwwwwmmmmmmmm. Are you in a rebellious mood to be one with the spirit of energy around you, but like, totally don't want to say it is religion per se or pray to Jesus or Buddha, eww gross, those icky men? Try Awakening Women. Try a seminar or workshop. You can be part of the energy of your sisters. If you cannot make it, it's OK. There are online seminars where you can be one with the spirit and feminine energy even if it is online. Cyberspace allows you to cross dimensions to tap into energy. There is a women's temple of divine feminine flow. There is online Ashram where you can learn and be protected and connected to a powerful shield of Shakti by the women joining forces for awakening. There is mechandise. There are seminars. There is a multitude of things that tell women what they want to hear. There is a manifesto.

The Awakening Women Sisterhood Manifesto
I commit to be honest and straight with you
I commit to take responsibility for myself
I will ask for support when I need it
I will ask for alone time when I need it, and it means nothing personal to you
I will not try to fix you
I will listen to you
I will keep what you share confidential and not gossip about it
I will not speak negatively about you to others
I will celebrate your unique beauty and gifts
I will not hold myself back to fit in and I will support you in doing the same

I'll give you a second to stop laughing. Is that a manifesto of the Bad Girls Club? The list reveals the problems of modern women. They don't listen, they are lying to each other, they don't take responsibility for themselves, they really don't want to be fixed just bitch about things, they gossip too much and cut each other down, need constant validation and to be told they are unique and they do not want to bend their lives to fit in with the group. Even in a sacred space, they need guidelines of decent human behavior and even then, it is self centered. The blog reads like a satire of delusional, overeducated white woman-speak. There is a constant message of not changing or fixing things, just accepting and flowing. Hint hint, forget all the damage you have done, just go with the flow. YOLO! You take the classes, and you too can hold workshops and spread the awakening word. It is amazing what SWPL women and progressives will do that is evangelical. Just remove the cross, and they will sell anything to anyone.

Check out the pictures. Lot of white women, and I would be hard pressed to find one without frown lines. This is just what lonely middle aged women want. The system is designed by a white woman who must have changed her name to sound Eastern but is from Scandinavia. It is a system that steals words and basic concepts or activities from an alien culture (muddled Asian). It is a system that encourages women to unplug from society yet still plug into their workshops and protective shield of vagina. It is a system that only asks for their time... and money. In return, they get validation and affirmation. They get an empowering experience that is centered on a female Goddess (Shakti). They feel spiritual in a vague way and can lord it over their social circle. "I'm not a church goer, but I'm not a soulless atheist from Massachusetts. I'm on a deeper spiritual level than silly Christians. See, I awmed with 20 other pear shaped women for a weekend! I am awakening!"

You know who can go away to Vermont for three day Awm fests, take 21 day self study courses that do not lead to degrees or tap online into the energy shield? Women with no one else in their life.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Check Out Dave Stockman's Site

Dave Stockman has a website up and running now called "Stockman's Contra Corner". I highly recommend it. The authors might be familiar if you read economic blogs. It is anti-crony capitalism. It is anti-warfare state. It is similar to Zero Hedge (Stockman pieces still show up on ZH) but without the bombast. Stockman is an old insider, making his way up the GOP as well as the private equity and financial world. Some of the items they discuss are things you see float around our sphere. This last week, the Chinese anti-corruption post and who paid for Ukraine's overthrow post were gems. The annoying James Howard Kunstler is a contributor, but the other writers more than make up for Kunstler's jackassery (he's right about modern architecture though). A nice theme to the writers' work is that many of the sectors of the economy that have experienced hypertrophy in the last 30 years went from being regular pieces of the economy to becoming jobs engines to keep employment up (health care, education, FIRE). These guys do a nice job of seeking international news and digging a bit deeper to reveal the cesspool that is our current system.

Might as well check it out since Chuck stopped running his blog, Gucci Little Piggy. Two different sites, but just substitute for your mindspace and time for the day even if Chuck had not been updating daily for quite some time. Chuck moves onto bigger and better things. I'd like to thank Chuck for a spot on the old blogroll he had for a while, but more importantly, the entertaining posts. Chuck could craft a well written post. What makes you check a website out? Reading something different yet insightful. It still has to be entertaining because dry as hell gets old no matter how smart it reads. "Flash Robs" or blacks behaving badly was a Chuck staple months if not years before the mass media had to carefully twist it but admit it. During the whole Trayvon-Zimmerman ordeal, was there anyone writing about it like Chuck? Nope. It was fun to see Chuck fact check hate hoaxes and the "Hey Chuck, you see this one" notes in his comments section on a new prog-victim 24 hour news bombardment. The comments section was also entertaining. Part of why people talk about identities, tribalism and even thede stuff is that you can easily consider a point of view or experience similar, empathize and/or sympathize if you have something in common with the author. A personal joy of reading Chuck's writing was that the Charlton Heston in Planet of the Apes, "What the fuck is going on and why is this allowed to happen? It's GD lunacy!" I feel at times was in his posting but in a polite manner. Young guy looking at the idiocy of the modern world. I look forward to reading the Zimmerman book when it comes out (if it's still just on the case), and hopefully, we see him on even bigger media outlets. Thanks and good luck Chuck.