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This Sunday's post is on Egypt. If you've read 28 Sherman since 2011, you've seen me post on Egypt in a consistent manner. Egypt's military junta pulled off a successful coup like the Thais have done so far and with a vicious follow up. Not all is the same as the old Mubarak era though, and this junta is a bit different. While the Muslim Brotherhood lost, they have changed the nature of the nation.


Last Sunday's post......
There have been active wars in Ukraine, Yemen, and Syria over the last year, and wretched chaos in Libya. China is up to something in the South China Sea to route around USG patron concerns. Russia was sanctioned, had their currency attacked by the USG system, endured a weak attempt at a color revolution, and recently enjoyed the USG admitting defeat in Ukraine.

Anything going on in Thailand? It has been a year since the coup, and not a peep has emerged from Thailand. The pushback on democratic evangelism will start at the edges with Thailand’s coup being an early sign.

Not all coups are the same. This coup does not resemble the Cold War era coups. This coup also had quite the amount of popular support, as the prior regime was becoming increasingly corrupt. The New York Times even reported how the entire class of educated people had become concerned about how one man one vote gave a bit too much power to the easily persuaded poor. Just publishing those evil, anti-democratic thoughts is dangerous for the New York Times’ readership to imbibe. The junta has played the aftermath very well. They are going through what the Western press calls sham trials to target opponents. The junta also has provided security, peace and while economic growth is slower, it still exists. What more could the people of Thailand want?

A Western journalist knows what they want and should do. This euro wants the Thai people to confront the junta, despite a majority wanting the coup and the resulting maintenance of peace and security. He laments how political rallies have been banned and how freedom of expression has been curtailed. What expression exactly? Random Thais expressing political opinions should not affect the political deal-making process and otherwise usually lead to disorder and unrest if they grow. A military controlled council is rewriting the constitution and has pushed back new elections, setting new dates twice now. This euro’s biggest lament:
The long-term consequences of the political situation in Thailand are being ignored in favor of short-term benefits – mainly the maintenance of security and peace. That makes it more difficult to demand civil rights and an end to dictatorship.
Oh, the shame of people getting what they want: peace and security. An indifference curve is the economic idea that people value things in different ways but value different levels of multiple goods equally if they provide the same overall total utility.

In a social way, we all have social indifference curves. The writer has no concept that people may have a social indifference curve, and not everyone is ginned up for the right to march topless in order to protest churches. Some people, many people, value safety, security, and stability over the right for political expression that has no affect on the moves of elites. Of course, Western progressives will favor any protest that pushes the right talking point because that protest can be magnified using the Western media force multiplier. The writer mentions how the opposition forces that may protest will only be restrained if the people fail to realize the military cannot resolve the conflict. Recapping the status of Thailand, what conflict do the mass of people see?

This is more a conflict for the USG system and its desire to democratize the world and maintain control of the international community. The formerly strong levers and tools the USG has at their disposal have become rusty and unreliable. Like the Egyptian junta that deposed the democratically elected Morsi, Thailand’s junta has also sought friendship and support from Russia and China, while the U.S. is busy elsewhere–friendship which is only amplified by Russian and Chinese defiance in the face of USG geopolitical moves. China publicly saying they would respect a diversity of government forms gives smaller nations like Thailand cover.

This also explains the proggification of the American armed forces in recent years. Progressive elites cannot risk our armed forces, one of the last institutions with widespread public support, to remove from power and punish elites who can win one man, one vote systems, since they can persuade just enough low-information voters to pull the lever for them in November. Thailand is just one nation, but a reliable long time post-World War II ally of the United States.

The domino effect against the shrinking USG system will start on the edges but slowly and surely make its way back to American shores.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Paul Singer Tips the Elite's Hand

Have you noticed the parade of big names coming out warning of a coming financial calamity? It is pretty steady now that big names in finance show up on television or in a news report and say, "Well, jeez, a storm is coming and it will be awful". A recent man warning of doom is Paul Singer. If his name sounds familiar, I have written of him before. Over a year ago, I wrote about Singer's efforts to use his money to make the GOP pro-gay. He is a FIRE economy elite with billions. Comapred to the other masters of the universe proclaiming doom, Singer has described the play: short long term claims on paper money.

The big short prior to the financial crisis was shorting subprime mortgages. This is an even bigger short. This is shorting government bonds in the West. Zero Hedge lays out the specifics. This play goes to the heart of the problem and is two pronged. If you short government debt with their printing presses, you would be paid in a currency that would become worthless. You are right, but you do not get paid. In the meantime, if you are shorting bonds that have negative yields, you actually have a positive carry. Singer's play would mean that you need to short the money system and prepare for the next. As Zero Hedge closes out their giant post, there is one alternative to paper money claims that is used for measuring wealth in a financial system. Gold. Singer's approach becomes a paired trade in essence, short bonds and long gold. Bill Cara also called this the trade of a generation almost a decade ago, but he was too soon. Timing is everything.

I am a bit biased as I am a fan of gold and have been for years. If a skeptic, just look at it this way. Every central bank that can do so is buying gold like a major change is coming or they are asking for their gold to be repatriated back home for safe keeping. Now big names in finance are discussing the need for gold. Large institutions and people are preparing for the next stage, and if they are revealing it to you now, they have been doing it for much longer. Our central banks will fear deflation, but they will print to make sure it never happens. Sadly, the printing will accelerate and make that paper worth less and less. Be prepared.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

HIV/AIDS, Gays and Reality

It gets a little frightening out there when the sex positive libertarians are ignorant to the reality of HIV/AIDS. They are focused on discussing the positives of sexual liberation but never the outcomes of their policies. It's so much fun just to say you support sexual freedom and technology's effect on freedom, and not much fun to discuss things like rising rates of STDs, broken homes and gays' inability to stop a perfectly preventable disease. It is best if we focus on reality with gays and HIV and not be lost in the Hollywood fog of gays just wanting to get married and adopt Chinese babies.

The link above describes Grindr's affect on STDs in the gay community. For anyone who knows gays outside of Glee!, you know the promiscuity that is rampant in the gay male world. It's a never-ending parade of new guys whom they may meet in any venue. Grindr is a tool for them to kick it up ten notches and daring people have engaged in anthropological undercover work. The MPC forum has a thread dedicated to one man's attempt to find out how depraved gays are. Please scroll through his conversations with gays. These are legit, disgusting examples of gay sexual behavior offered up to strangers who set up accounts fewer than 5 minutes before initiating contact.

"But that is just a few random anecdotes," yells the progressive who uses exceptional anecdotes to say any outgroup is "just like us!" True, but each example in the gay world carries more weight since their numbers are so small. How many pozzed up gays do you think would approach you on Grindr in one day? Are you quiet now SWPL? Some of those Grindr thread guys talk about not telling the stranger about HIV or openly being okay with sex with HIV positive (poz) men. The flippant way they treat a disease that kills is mindblowing if you grew up with the HIV hysteria of the late '80s-early '90s, the traveling AIDS quilt and the multiple movies about tragic yet noble AIDS victims. These fools playing chicken with HIV are not victims, and it is not about education. Everyone knows how you get HIV in 2015, and it is perfectly preventable. Gay guys just care more about that next sex fix than they do HIV.

Before you discuss total infected or rate of infections, the idea that gay guys tell each other about their HIV status is an issue. Not just on Grindr, but in real life, gays do not tell one another that they have HIV before sex. This is not a fluke thing. There have been multiple studies done focused on "disclosure" to reveal this problem. How many years did the media push the HIV hysteria and push people to discuss their "notch count" with loved ones to be honest, yet gays get off scott free with their high rates of non-disclosure? To not tell someone you have HIV before engaing in sex is akin to playing Russian roulette, throwing knives or whatever analogy your high school health teacher used in 1994. Gays do it often. A whopping 31% of HIV infected gay men do not bother telling their sexual partners they have HIV. That is roughly 1 in 3 of the highest risk HIV community walking around not warning anyone they have HIV. This is why HIV does not go away despite being a perfectly preventable disease.

"Why make such a big deal about it? This HIV issue is an outlier. Gay marriage matters more though, right?" No, SWPL, not really. Look up numbers for gay marriages. Any split for if they are male-male or female-female? Media dodges that for some odd reason. Either way, the numbers are low. Over 12,000 Americans die from HIV/AIDS every year, a majority of which are gay. Do more gay guys get married or get HIV/die from AIDS in the average year? This would be a nice comparison as same sex marriage spreads. How many gay men have HIV in America? It is roughly 650,000. They make up over 50% of the HIV infected population, and the CDC says there are over 1.2 million infected with over 100,000 infected but unaware. That 650,000 number of infected gays would be the 25th largest city in America.

"That number is still small because of how many gay guys there are? Like 25% of all men are gay." Sorry, SWPL, put down the appletini, take off your horn rimmed glasses and read on. How many gay men in America? Recent surveys have grown in breadth and become more refined. There is a whopping 2.2% of the male population that identifies as gay or bisexual. There are 151 million men in America. Simple math shows there are 3.3 million gay/bi men in America. Using the HIV infected number for gays as the numerator and the total gay/bi male pop as the denominator, we can see that 19.5% of the gay male population has HIV. This is staggering. Take this one step further, and combine the non-disclosure study. This means that there are over 200,000 gay men with HIV engaging in sexual relations without telling their partners they have HIV. That means roughly 1 in 16 gay men walk around with HIV, having sex and not telling their partners. Quick question: when was the last gay guy on television revealed to be an HIV carrier? Weird that none of them are despite the 1 in 5 fact. Any of them shown smoking crystal meth? Weird that none are since 1 in 4 have tried crystal.

When the libertarians of CATO or the progressives are discussing gay rights or whatever is the next gay crusade (lowering the age of consent?), bring these points up. Ask them about the rampant promiscuity, bugchasing and the 20% HIV number. Show them the screencaps of the brave soul who engaged in Grindr online research. It is sickening. They may recoil from the truth. Freebasing GRIDS statistics is not for everyone. Do it though. If they call them hate facts and call you names, it is okay. By their own words, they admit they are facts, and by saying them out loud, you remind everyone of the truth. They are defending the sick and the degenerate; you are not. Men who put penises inside their mouths and asses have the terminal illness known as HIV at a going rate of 1 in 5. That is most definitely not "just like us".

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Thailand Looks For New Patrons

Thailand's coup does look like a little success. You have not heard anything from Thailand. The USG's Eye of Sauron has not bothered to shine its fiery gaze on Thailand. Being distracted by efforts in Syria and Ukraine hurt the USG's ability to shake little Thai generals to submission, but for a system launching a pivot to Asia ever 6 months, the USG is not directly meddling with the junta in Southeast Asia. Anti-Thai news reports have been minimal if they exist at all. The Thais are not wasting anytime either. With the USG distracted, they are on a charm offensive for new patrons. The Asian pivot may come too late to keep little Thailand securely in Uncle Sam's camp.

It starst with the big one. Thailand is stepping closer to china. Thailand has something to gain by receiving whatever support it may need from a rival patron to the USG. This could be financial lifelines like Russia needed when the USG system attacked them in December. This could simply be getting on friendlier terms with the one major threat that has Thailand a client of Uncle Sam in the first place. Thailand also has something to offer China. Even if small, it is a propaganda play. Per the article, "China has been looking to opportunistically coddle Thailand’s non-democratic rulers, while Thailand, for its part, has been going out of its way to show Washington and the world that there are partners willing to do business without fretting about regime legitimacy." If Thailand emerges from this coup with either a very limited franchise or continued delays to restarting voting, Uncle Sam may try financial blackmail. This is where deep Chinese pockets come in handy. The USG system's power is through economic control, but the diluting of the dollar has weakened it. Countries now have to play the politician's donor source game. If they make a change in support on an issue, politicians need new donors to stay in power for the next election. This is not too different for regimes changing political systems or asserting control vs. USG.

It is not just China Thailand is cozying up to. Russia is making inroads in Thailand. Thailand is changing internally its orientation to Russia as well. Look past the eye roll inducing leftist boilerplate in that little essay to see the details of a nation's power holders attempting to clean out corrupt elites and make new friends as they push out their old patron. The Russians are aware that the West has not paid attention to Thailand. The Russian-Chinese access sees an opportunity to demonstrate to the little nations around the globe that their alternative to the USG system is not a fraud. Thailand should press to get as much as they can as an early adopter. These moves like airfield changes and small economic deals add up over time. Power projection matters to a global empire based on air and naval supremacy across the oceans. Look at the difficulties America had with securing supply routes into Afghanistan. Logistics matter, ports matter, airfields matter.

How long the door stays open for Thailand to make moves is unclear. America's foreign policy is like a drunken NFL player being told no by a stripper; who knows what will happen next and where it will happen but it will be something violent. Thailand's best hope is to solidify as much as possible with rival patrons while USG is tied doing the bidding of Soros, Nuland, Kagan and the Middle East obsessed power brokers in DC. Thailand is a long time ally of America. Thailand has been a useful ally to America. Thailand is an ally looking for new friends. When smaller nations with decades of American support and deep ties are looking elsewhere, the geopolitical alignment and system is facing a shake up much sooner than the population expects.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Announcement - Social Matter Posts

After some thinking, I contacted the leadership at Social Matter about publishing my Sunday pieces there from now on. They accepted the offer. I am thankful for inclusion and for finally having an editor. From now on, my Sunday pieces will be there. I'll still do my follow up Monday piece here, since my Sunday-Monday posts are almost always tied together by subject matter (twin posts). My goal this year is to cute back on posts to 4 a week. I'm having a hard time with that because the world is a bit crazy, and I find enough interesting stuff that I feel like sharing.

This week's Sunday post is at Social Matter. Go read it there.

If we review the last year, there has been active wars in Ukraine, Yemen and Syria. There has been wretched chaos in Libya. China is up to something in the South China Sea to route around USG patron concerns. Russia was sanctioned, had their currency attacked by the USG system, had a color revolution attempt be weak and recently enjoyed the USG admitting defeat in Ukraine. Anything going on in Thailand? It has been a year since the coup, and not a peep has emerged from Thailand. The pushback on democratic evangelism will start at the edges with Thailand's coup being an early sign.

Read the rest there.

Friday, May 22, 2015

New Neoreactionary Site "The Future Primaeval"

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned the guys at More Right as one of my weekly neoreactionary reads. I commented how they reminded me of a European salon with their high quality discussion and air of class. It appears that last night the guys of More Right decided to leave More Right and start a new site, The Future Primaeval. If yesterday's post is any indicator, there are fantastic things to come from these guys.

As a lover of discussing the whole story or hidden history, there is a post I really enjoyed. "White Man's Burden Revisited" writes of Rudyard Kipling's well known poem White Man's Burden from 1899, but also of the lesser known Kipling poems of 20 years later that revisit the idea of Europeans coming into contact with the "other" and the necessary reactions or actions Saxons should take. I won't post anything, go there and read it.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Aussies in Egypt in World War One

The Seven Year's War was the first true world war. It spanned multiple theaters over multiple continents and hemispheres. To us though, the Great War would be what the modern world would call World War One as it was quickly followed by World War Two. One day when everything is settled, an insurgent historian movement can relabel them the "German Wars". Below is a photograph from the Great War. The Australians who were fighting for the Crown were in Egypt. The action in the background is far more fascinating because of everything that has gone on in archaeology since 1918 and what a tourist trap the Sphinx has become. Never again will people rest on the clavicle of the Sphinx.