Monday, February 08, 2016

Deutsche Bank The Bagholder

The American system relies on kinetic and financial weapons. This is the importance of the BRICs trying to build a world bank, IMF, rating agency structure to compete. It is not just to compete but to lessen the power of America's different financial weapons. America attempts to destroy any competitor. Brain-draining other countries plays into this, and so does financial interconnectedness. Germany is facing a major problem and should be hitting the "PANIC" button. Deutsche Bank is now the bagholder for Wall Street.

Zero Hedge has a great essay up on Deutsche Bank being in trouble. The derivatives game is not like you or I playing with stocks or bonds with losses. If you actually look at derivative exposure, it is a game played by the big boys with very few banks holding the vast majority of derivatives. This was their economic moat. This is why Rubin pushed for them to be unregulated. It could become a playground for the big boys, and they would never have to deal with competition reducing their gains from working with them unlike traditional banking or even investing. The other catch is the nature of them. With derivatives, there is a winner and loser. This was part of the MF Global scam: if MF Global lost millions or billions in derivative trades, who were the winners? If DB is set to lose, who are the winners.

Knock on effect of euro banks were big buyers of American muni debt. They have been recycling those credit lines from the US FED and buying up those munis, keeping rates low when there should be NO reason for them to be this low. I have thrown it out there before that Deutsche Bank looked to be the next AIG, and were on the other side of some big trades. If JPMorgan has set up DB on the other side of many of its precious metals derivatives trades, just how comical will it be to see JPMorgan via its puppet USG allow for gold to rise quickly again and screw over DB. If Wall Street has set them up as the bagholder, this will have many consequences.

If DB gets in trouble, will other EU banks follow them down? How much more stress does the German sociopolitical system come under? Germany can keep some of the cucks and native hostages fine with their economy humming along, but a crisis plus 90,000 Muslim migrants a month is a recipe for immediate disaster. If the EU banks are in trouble, what assets do they sell to raise capital? That would end the FED's backdoor bailout and subsidy of American state, city and county governments. If they start selling those American muni bonds, munis will see their bonds fall, interest rates rise and borrowing costs skyrocket. Will they finally face the day of reckoning that Meredith Whitney predicted? Maybe. This would be a horrendous event if combined with a rollover in the American real estate market that provides so many municipalities with property taxes. If they all do come together, then the slow motion collapse will enter a new phase.

Cops pulled back in 2015 and crime rose in many cities. Combine cops pulling back and social services being cut or money transfers being squeezed, and it will get worse.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Social Matter - When Feminism Started A War

The Super Bowl sucks so why not read my new essay up at Social Matter? Feminism started a war once and it was not long ago.

As America hurtles towards an election with a giant marketing push of a first female president, it seems appropriate to reflect on the effect of the fairer sex on politics. Forget unemployed Mrs. Clinton’s history of failure as Secretary of State. What possible difference could a female at the helm of the big chair make? Could feminism start a war? Of course! It already has.
It will be more entertainign than the game and not take long. Plus, you can find out something our elite like to hide away from discussion: negative consequences for affirmative action hires.

Friday, February 05, 2016

Shadowbanned + SM Review-Preview 32

It appears I have been shadowbanned on Twitter. Nick B Steves discovered this. I am not coming up on general searches by non-followers. This is sad but to be expected since the Twitter bosses have gone full SJW. We know they manipulate trends, so silencing little accounts should not be considered too petty for them. What we can figure out is that the following accounts cannot come up in searches.

*Search Banned:*

This is all we can determine at this time. The Duck went out in a blaze of glory because a big purge was coming. The progs have hard censorship and soft censorship. This is a soft censorship. The hard will come. This is the Left. They always want to do just enough to get the job done but not enough to incur the accusations they deserve. They want to hide behind technicalities.

Network, build your own platforms, delegitimize their institutions.


Last week I wrote about how not every problem around the world is America's fault. It was a recount of how the British chose the wrong "King of the Arabs", and it was some shifty work by one of their field agents. A very different world would exist if the Saudis were not the guardians of Mecca. My Weimerica Weekly podcast was aboutplastic surgery, especially the odd rise of breast augmentation surgery.

This week I will write on how feminism started a war. Yes, it did and in our lifetime. This week's Weimerica Weekly will be an interview. It is with someone outside of our sphere but who enjoys our sphere. He also influenced my writing on a specific subject.

*Update: Twitter noticed that we noticed and so did Breitbart.

Thursday, February 04, 2016

WW1 - Spotting The Enemy

Those shifty Huns

In WW1, the pilots would set off and usually be going after the surveying balloons if not enemy positions. If a pilot spotted he enemy, he would waggle his wings and take the lead. Compared to AWACS, it's like another planet.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Social Matter - Weimerica Weekly Episode 11

The new episode of Weimerica Weekly is up. It clocks in at just under 30 minutes, so it is perfect for a lunch break or the commute home.
It is all about the weird rise of plastic surgery, especially breast implants after the mid-'90s. I discuss how this turns our upper middle and upper class into a group similar to those older folks in Brave New World. I discuss the history of breast implants, the lawsuits, the skyrocket in surgeries and a new surgery that is gaining ground. Why does it work? Why do women do this? I also go after the marketing, and how reality TV as well as easy money has had a hand in the rise of surgeries.
I hope you enjoy. I do have two more interviews schedule for this month. Trust me, those will be fun. At least I had a blast interviewing the guests. I am always on the lookout for potential interviews.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

How Jeb Could Become President

Jeb's dead baby, Jeb's dead! It is still possible for Jeb. Yes, he earned a whopping 2% in Iowa, but he is polling better than other GOP Establishment guys in NH. Rubio is the guy the Establishment donors will rally around (already have), and this has been the entire plan for months since Bush's collapse. Bill Kristol and Company will probably love him, but what if they don't? Could Jeb still become President number 45?

Follow me if you will into a realm of low probability events, but with Jeb Bush marrying a munchkin from Mexico, low probability events have dominated his life. The presidency is still within reach. Pshaw, you say! No, it is you who are wrong. One has to take into account the words of the neocon mandarins as well as America's quirky system. They can rig it however they want. Start thinking like a spiteful GOPe operative or donor.

Jeb's Path

1. Run 3rd party in only one state to win out West: Wyoming, Utah, Idaho. Preferably Utah. Strategically place Jeb as a 3rd party candidate on ballots in swingish states that the Dems have won for years where Donald polls well like MI, PA, MN, etc. That is maybe 6 states total.

2. Only run hard in the one western state. Win that state's electoral votes. Utah is great because the Dems rarely crack 30%, and Trump's support is weaker out west. The Huntsman-Romney crowd could work the machinery to give Jeb a shot. It could be as quirky as Jeb 38%, Donald 35%, Clinton 27%. Just be a 2-3% vote getter in those swing-ish states to secure them for Clinton.

3. Hope neither Trump nor the Democrat wins 270 electoral votes. By pulling Utah and it's 6 electoral votes, you're already crushing the Donald if he just repeats the 2000 W results, and blocking Clinton from 270 as well.
3a. GOPe forces Trump to select a GOPe approved VP like the Establishment did to Reagan with GHWB in '80.

>CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS is what the media would blare, but they would be WRONG! The founders set up contingencies, and then made tweaks to account for odd outcomes.<

4. With no electoral majority won, Congress selects the President and the Senate selects the VP. It is not a roll call vote for President. It is a vote by state delegation.

5. It is the outgoing Congress that elects the President from the top 3 electoral college vote recipients. GOP controls 33 state house delegations. VP is selected by the Senate from the top 2 electoral collectors.

6. GOPe in Congress selects Jeb. Senate selects the GOPe approved VP that ran with Trump.

This is threading the needle. I know it is. If the GOPe cannot get their pool boy Marco Rubio into the nomination, then they will resort tosomething weird. There is no way the GOPe is going down without some form of a fight. Not a fight against the Left. They would never fight the Left but fighting Trump and change within the party is different. A 3rd party run is a loser, and a definite loser for any who try it with someone who lost their own party's nomination.

Is this the end of the most successful political dynasty in America? No. Jeb is just a loser who ran into an opponent that would pull zero punches and in an election where there is a younger substitute. Fear not Republicans, there will be another Bush running in a decade. That big, cross eyed enchilada will be there. Staring at both of you.

Monday, February 01, 2016

Hidden History: Treasonous Fathers + Sons

As we watch the migrant crisis or immigrant invasion unfold, it is interesting to watch different reactions from different populations. There does seem to be a bit of the Hajnal Line working within the EU as Eastern Europe says no thanks while Western Europe lets them in without a break. The clannishness of the Mediterranean seems to be working against migrants', as well as within the US, the clannish whites are saying "Build a wall, deport them all" with the Trump. It feels genetic in origin.

This could be a systems thing with the outbreeding project. Outbreeding selected and bred for a population that was cooperative and open to working with others. This has devolved into ethnomasochistic behavior with the help of Jewish immigration endeavors. This is outbreeding creating a negative loop. Now casting societal wide problems aside, drilling down to the individual, could treason be genetic? If behaviors are hereditary, why would treason be any different than intelligence, agreeableness, etc.? Look at the Philby family.

Many fans of 20th century history and the Cold War will know the name Kim Philby. Philby was part of the famous Cambridge Five; the circle of spies within the bureaucracy of the spy world learning information for the Soviets. The Anglos were already socialist, so helping the Soviets who were communists fight fascism had some appeal. Philby had multiple Jewish women recruiting him in the '30s to help the cause. What is interesting is how immediately he identified with the "other". Philby's love affair and identification with the cause of worldwide communism or socialism intertwined, but had him hooked even after his separation from his lady.

Was there something to Philby? He graduated in 1933 and was working with the communists  immediately. He had been spotted for tendencies and inclinations in school. This was not difficult to spot in Western universities at that time. Harvard had pinkos as well as vocal and open socialists by the cartload. The Oxbridge crowd was not any different. As is often repeated, it was a WASP and Jewish crowd. Along those lines of cultural determinism, was there something else, something genetic? Yes, his father reveals how.

Harry St John Philby is a rather odd case of a British foreign intelligence officer. Harry St John "Jack" Philby called himself the "first socialist to join the Indian Civil Service". Papa Philby was stationed in what is now southern Iraq to protect oil fields of the empire and hopefully inspire an Arab revolt. The Arab revolt was spurred on by Lawrence of Arabia, but Papa Philby made inroads deep into the Arabian peninsula with the Ibn Saud clique and puritanical Wahhabis.

Before his son Kim was setting the template for Cold War treason, Jack Philby went native. This was not all that uncommon as plenty of Brits went native in their different assignments and some garnered worldwide renown in doing so. There is a difference between his behavior and Lawrence of Arabia's or some other agents. Those agents worked with native populations, romanticized their ordeals, loved their lands et cetera, but they still fit it into the context of what was best for the Empire. Sympathy and empathy are common among ambassadors and foreign service agents, but Philby took this to a new level. Papa Philby had a more hands on and different approach.

Philby decided even as far back as during the Great War, and against official British foreign policy, that it would be better if the Saudis ruled the entire Arabian peninsula. Philby did not act as an agent for the British as much as he acted as an agent for the Ibn Saud clique. Philby pushed the Brits to allow Ibn Saud to take over Kuwait, which would have been a betrayal of the sheikh of Kuwait that the British had aligned with. Philby sent confidential information to Ibn Saud, had unauthorized correspondence with Saud and nudged the Ibn Saud crew to ruffle feathers and cause unrest in their area for their gain. Philby then went on to perform amazing public relations for the Saudis in his correspondence to the Brits back home.

Philby set up shop with a private job in Jeddah and was the voice in King Saud's ear for decades. Philby did not just wear the robes and LARP to later put it away and return to England. He went native. He also took it one step further in 1930. In 1930, he converted to Islam. This was no quick conversion in a government office to become a Muslim for perks or better access. His Muslim name was Abdullah, which means God's slave. The king that he installed on the throne as King of the Arabs repaid him with a new slave bride for retirement. Papa Philby was not done as he worked against British interests while advising the Saudi king in the '30s and even made overtures to the random fascist nations and the rising global power, America.

This was all going on with Jack Philby before and then at the same time that Papa Philby was pushing his son Kim towards a career with MI6. It is a biblical lesson passed on from ancient days that the sons shall bear some burden for the sins of the father. That is not just a punishment concept but a warning that it might be wise to treat a son harshly or put him under more scrutiny because of his father's actions. How could MI6 have been so blind as to not see what Jack Philby had done and worried that Kim Philby would repeat the same deeds just with a different "other"? They tossed it aside. They pulled him into their government and promoted him up the ranks. Philby was the chief liaison between British-American intelligence agencies, and his Cambridge cronies and own cloud of suspicion would haunt James Angleton for decades as he became obsessed with moles.

Kim Philby is a figure that makes it into Cold War specials. Most of the Hollywood films on intelligence moles are modeled after his career in MI6. Practically no one knows of his father. No one asks why such a well oiled Empire could lose sight of one of their own going to the other side yet select that same man's son for sensitive jobs. Few if any in the 1930s would consider the security concerns and if there may be a hereditary component to the ability of men and women to turn on their own for the "other". No one today would even be allowed to publicly think in that manner.