Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Gentrification Research Results Perplexes Academics

Gentrification is such a nice, hot phrase for liberals to enjoy while simultaneously decry for ruining city slum authenticity. It is not like rich conservatives are gentrifying those areas. Simple reviews of vote history in elections by census tract can show the media progressives how they are just attacking the hands that pay for them. Academia even has a nice myopia or selective amnesia about gentrification. How else can one explain this piece of work.

Immediately, the writer does not notice the circumstances of recent decades where the gentrifying cities suffered sharp declines ans white flight qhile being followed by the FIRE economy real estate bubble. The Sun Belt cities had no gentrification because they experienced their growth in the post-WW2 era as those old, bordering bodoes of water experienced decline. Sun Belt cities had no zoning law red tape and cheap land. Rust Belt cities held on a bit longer due to manufacturing sticking around as an economic force longer there than in the older port cities. For liberals who celebrate diversity, they miss diversity of economics, history and land.

Comedy continues as the writers note research finding that gentrification is very dependent on the percent of black inhabitants with 40% a magical line. It might not just be "explicit racism" but other factors. Here is an idea: maybe it is crime statistics for the area. Maybe there is a sweet spot where real estate values are depressed by the crime and blight in the area but the crime and blight might be more manageable with an increased poloce presence. Do black gangs operate in 65% black neighborhoods but have less of a footprint in 30% black neighborhoods? Just asking before I label gentrification scouts racists.

The researchers find that gentrification does not have spillover effects for bordering neighborhoods. Anyone who has walked in a major Northeastern city knows this. It is an archipelago one navigates for safe zones. These academics and the writer have the foolish mindset that if you paint the cage pink, the pit bull will change. The idea inserting people with wealth into an area will help surrounding areas is an ancient one from the bygone era of ethnic city neighborhoods. Neighbors that all sent kids to the same schools, ate the same ethnic foods, went to the church and were a connected unit. Twenty first century gentrification is made up by wealthy or adventurous pepple who love the architecture, the location, the idea of living in the city or returning. There is no connection because it brings the atomized suburban experience to the city.

Looking at gentrification as an economic and lifestyle selection on the part of big money developers and urban, knowledge workers strips the stupidity from these academics' assumptions. This is not organic neighborhood building with a bonding drive. It is a homo economicus decision for one's lifestyle. It is about money, their money. If the natives do not adjust or do not feel the financial benefits, then tough, sell and move out. Gentrification is not evil amd it is not a solution to improving the plight of the urban poor. A return to the old neighborhoods in American cities is a fantasy. It might not improve the lives of the urban underclass but gentrification at least improves the quality and utility of the prime real estate in our knowledge economy hubs.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Narrow the Inequality Gap by Just Graduating High School

We here about inequality all of the time now. Unemployment, weak job growth and stagnant wage growth generally out of focus because it makes the president look bad. The deeper look is that it would make our FIRE economy system look bad, so we definitely do not want to talk about it. A personal favorite the last week or so has been for the media to discuss inequality with regards to the events in Ferguson, Missouri. Inequality is the root of all evil. With the steady drumbeat of the media, I wonder what the progressive apparatchiks have in store for us from a policy standpoint to solve this. The media loves to point the black white income gap, never the wider black-Asian gap or even wider black-Jewish gap, but black-white so whites can feel guilty and vote correctly. The media can never own up to a simple way to close this gap because it reveals a horror story about America. Blacks simply need to graduate high school at higher rates.

We can brush aside immigration (negative effect) and broken families (negative effect) and just focus on
graduation rates. Per the wonderful Schott Foundation, one can get a glimpse of the true graduation rate for black males. Sadly, the foundation is beating the drum on disparate impact of school suspensions like the rest of progressive institutions. With their data in hand, the hidden truth is revealed. The percent of black boys that enter 9th grade who then received a regular diploma after four years is 52%. This is up from 42% since 2002. This 52% is a first for cracking the 50% line since tracking it. Despite the straight line drawing in their website's report, older data they used to release showed how that number bounced between 42-48% through the decade. The foundation's director says it is not flaws in the students but neglect by the government policy-makers and officials. Whatever that means, since black girls graduate at higher rates in the same school districts (similar to the white male-female differential). If you have a black friend who graduated high school, he is one of the good half. Now think of how all the black guys you know have graduated high school and ponder the out of sight underclass. Those guys are not around you, and you do not want them around with the other issues that follow them.

This has knock on effects that the media does not want to consider as part of the inequality debate. It is pretty easy to look at annual salary data and see that, on average, high school drop outs make roughly $10,000 less than high school graduates per year who make less than college graduates. This is another filtered funnel the media and progressives will not cite. You cannot close an income or wealth inequality gap if someone dropped out of high school fifteen years earlier. Never finish high school and magically, there are a lot of jobs you cannot get nor fields where you can advance. This is not access to college and more education. This is about basic high school completion, which has been "dumbed down" as much as possible by our education policy-makers. The problem is being portrayed as a lack of engagement and evil school suspensions, because God forbid anyone be accountable for their problem. If the kid has a tough home, we cannot cite how that broken home may be the result of government social welfare incentives or higher rates of dysfunction in certain communities.

This is a horror story. One that will not be fixed with all the government programs in the world. Increase the number of two parent homes and the graduation rate might go up. That would require removing perverse government incentives that foster single moms and a matriarchal structure for a society. Two parents do not solve everything, but that situation makes parenting easier. We cannot change those incentives because that's the gimmedats formula for leftist electoral success as well as lost jobs for the social workers of America. It comes back to finishing high school. It goes back to homes and families. These are issues we will not address properly. In the eyes of our progressive overlords, it will be much easier and better to install more government programs, more redistribution and more fairy tale slogans than to face reality.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Ethnic Cleansing of a Black Stronghold

Oh the fun one can have with newspaper archives. Historians, like the communist Howard Zinn, like to say that the ballot box has been used as a relief valve for social duress. That might work within a civilized society with a proper execution of the rule of law. It might work with rulers aligned to the area they administer. It does not happen in 21st century America. As America's rulers continue to push the multicultural line, it might be best to review an example of ethnic cleansing in the heart of vibrancy: southern California. It might come as a shock to rap historians but the city of Compton (bow wow wow), has switched from a black stronghold to a Hispanic redoubt with wombs, horrible methods and tribal solidarity.

Compton was a black city with national exposure thanks to early '90s rap music. Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Eazy-E and transplant Snoop Dogg rapped often about the mean streets of Compton. From a young G's perspective, it was a place where black boys become men and a veritable school of hard knocks. With Hispanic immigration in the 1990s, the Mexicans creeping north of the border found cheap real estate in Compton. They were fruitful and multiplied in Compton, but as the LA Times pointed out in 1998, they were still on the outside looking in politically. They were being excluded from power. Black leaders told them to go get the votes, and then maybe they could enjoy some of the leadership positions. Reading the Times report, there is a feeling that Southern California communities will find a way to share power and work together, it just needs time. Hispanics and blacks got along for the most part per the Times. This is a bit disingenuous because the Times has to play dumb about how the blacks ran whites out of neighborhoods and ascended to power in certain neighborhoods. Mexicans decided to take a similar route but slightly different.

Flash forward to 2013, the LA Times is running articles on Latino gangs terrorizing black residents in Compton. Hispanics now make up 65% of residents. Yes, the black Compton black rapper Kendrick Lamar raps about is a fantasy. Latinos did not bother to peacefully assemble voters, per the guidance of black leaders. instead, they decided to bring in the numbers and terrorize the other tribe. The Times is very detailed with the official ways the Latinos scare away blacks.

The attackers left, but a half-hour later a crowd of as many as 20 people stood on the lawn yelling threats and epithets. A beer bottle crashed through the living room window as the youngsters watched in horror."They were scared if they called the sheriff they'd be killed," Westin said. "So they called their mom, who called the Sheriff's Department."

I guess "snitches get stitches" is only acceptable when blacks use it to terrorize their own neighborhoods. The Times also thinks they can say the Compton homes were "well maintained" by blacks two decades ago. Not buying it as Snoop and Dre told me Compton was da mean streetz. I dislike anyone being terrorized by neighbors for simply being different, but it is incredibly hard for me to be sympathetic to an extended group (blacks) who have engaged in similar if not worse ways of chasing other people out of neighborhoods. Change black to white and Latino to black, and those instances of terrorizing are the same as in any neighborhood that has experienced white flight. The press and cops were quick to say none of the terrorized were connected to gangs. Yes, same goes for the millions of whites who fled cities after World War Two. The methods are not as organized and overt, but robbing your white neighbors and intimidating them is the same problem as described here.

The tragic part of this is found in statements by a city council member. "We need to address these issues," she said. "Because if they continue to fester like this, then it can spread to the whole city." Sorry, council member, but this is what happens across America when these two groups collide. The Times is silent on the black on brown crime that has gone on for decades combined with blacks freezing out Hispanics in the past. Hispanics now have the numbers, and score slightly better on almost every socioeconomic indicator. LA is ground zero but Hispanics now outnumber blacks in Chicago's public school system. Chicago has seen Mexican gangs move in, chip away at black territory, and then watch as they exhibit greater ethnic solidarity and let the black gangs gun each other down. Blacks have been on the losing end. This is horrible and an example of ethnic cleansing. As I wrote before on this very article, Hispanics move into those areas due to cheap rent or property, have nowhere to economically escape to, and they bring machetes and guns for retaliation.

The problem that blacks face is lack of capital and poor family foundations. When whites flee an area, they move 10 minutes further away and rebuild. On Indianapolis' Northside, one can witness what has happened to Lawrence Townships' schools and the decline creep northward and just drive ten minutes north to Fishers and see the gleaming new developments built after 1995. Blacks are not known for wealth or working capital. Middle class whites have been abandoning California, and the wealthy whites have their financial apartheid set up, so where oh where can they go? There is also another downside to the black community, and that is the moment anyone gets status or money in the community, they bail on their people. Nino Brown gave turkeys out at Thanksgiving, but your average black millionaire is hightailing it out of the hood. The article ends with the sad message that a man was shot for his skin color. This is ethnic cleansing, and only acceptable to discuss in the media because blacks are the victims. This is not the beginning nor is it the end, but it is a small tale in the diversity + proximity = war tale. The "no majority America of 2050" looks scarier by the day. 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Ferguson + Blacks' Trapped Status

Dear readers (all 50 of you), normally I post Mon-Tues on subjects, themes or ideas that are related, then the rest of the week is a free for all. With the media created circus and fake conversation on race spawned by events in Ferguson, I thought I'd devote a week to American blacks. I've written about blacks randomly, and through my black acquaintances feel they are in a mess partly due to history, partly of their own making, and partly due to elite manipulation and perverse incentive mechanisms. This is post one. I'll hit my normal topics politics, recent history, sports, stupidity in the media and academia, women (Fri-Sat cheesecake), etc. Something different to spice up the Summer.


I have not written about the Ferguson rioting, looting, police reaction, media circus because we all should let the facts come out first. Steve Sailer and Handle have provided good commentary on the media event of the summer. Of course this looks like Trayvon the sequel, because it is just another outrage cycle event. There will be another, and another and another. This is an emotional laxative for blacks  who as a collective are caught in a trap where their only allies (elite leftist whites) use them for votes to gain power but live far away and watch blacks drop further behind. Note some differences this time though in the outrage cycle. Al Sharpton is asking for protesters to avoid violence. He did not do that at Freddie's Fashion Mart. No one is buying this stuff except true believers on the left and those who need this to work the system. Even Obama's reaction is far different. Mike Brown isn't his son like Trayvon was. Do you feel the tightening of black leader sphincters? Why are there even national black leaders? As Jim Brown said, if there were more men in the home being leaders for their families, there would be no need for a national leader. This episode reveals, if anything, the sad trap that blacks find themselves in on a socioeconomic and political level in America.

No one in the media is touching Ferguson's history because it would reveal the black hot potato and locust effect other cities and inner suburbs have experienced. Ferguson was a commuter community even as far back as the 19th century. It was turned into a charter city in 1954 along with some other suburbs of St. Louis as whites fled the city and those communities wanted to protect themselves. St. Louis, and the Federal government, decided to move the poor of St. Louis to the Pruitt-Igoe projects. Those projects were started with high hopes in 1950 and completed in 1954. The idea was that the poor housing stock and decaying old homes enabled and fostered crime. Move those people to clean, new facilities and everything would improve. They were intended to house whites and blacks with a mix of families and young, urban professionals. It did not work out that way. How fast did the projects devolve into ruin? By 1972, the apartment buildings were demolished. The Soviets still have some of their projects up. These lasted less than two decades. The city has recently engaged in gentrification, which pushed poorer residents out to cheaper suburbs. This is why whites dropped from 73% of Ferguson to roughly 30% in just twenty years. Where do those blacks come from, and is it just the same reshuffling of working class-underclass blacks St. Louis has been doing for seventy five years? Shhh, do not bring this up media.

Blacks themselves have caught on to the game and are nervous. Comics have figured out how the gays have taken over for the left's pet group. Just call gay marriage a civil right around a black coworker. The under-reported Hispanic-black race war does not seem to be working out in the blacks' favor. The Obamas are not inspiring a rush to nuptials or lowering of the illegitimacy rate. This Ferguson episode shows some things that no one will discuss. Here is one of the young men going to college, with a father, and he still was robbing stores, pushing around people and attacking police officers. He was sucked into the cultural thug effect. Even our half-black, raised exclusively by whites and Asians president feels the need to blacken up. That is why he was shot. If he had acted like the fairy tale "hands up, don't shoot", he'd be alive. This is not Alabama in 1945 or Boston in 1975. Looking at Officer's situation and Zimmerman's before him, no white wants to be the Mississippi Burning candidate of the year.

Blacks cannot even protest like they used to. Gone are the suits, Sunday dresses and slow but proud singing. Protests turn to riots and peaceful marchers look like looters from the get go. This actually hurts the left as burning cities inspires law and order backlash, and God forbid some whites get nudged out of their carbohydrates and entertainment stupor. Riots are not even what they used to be, as the police are armed and supplied for anything. Did Trayvon mark a turning point? Probably, but the Duke Lacrosse situation might have been the start. Everyone on the left looked like a clown for that, and gave the alternative media some spirit. Did the counterweight media already anticipate the Trayvoning of Mike Brown and move quickly? Yes. No little kiddie pictures released this time. The police were involved here, and smartly gave the Feds the finger. It is one week in, and the jokes about six autopsies, the 300 lb "boy", and other things have started. If not for the Jews and agnostic Protestants in the media taking the protestors' side, no one would care but since only 25% of whites are, can the apathy get worse (Hispanics care less so than even whites)?

Here's the secret behind this sad state of affairs. They took the handouts first, just as LBJ expected, and were bought cheaper and earlier (don't worry, "they" buy us all eventually). Blacks did not think long term and slid right to voting 90% for Democrats. Every incentive, every policy initiative, and every media project is to maintain that blind obedience. You can believe they vote or not, because just by registering they get into the "vote reservoir" and participation can be geared up or down as the Democrats' need per state or nationally for POTUS. Had the blacks stayed at say 70% and oscillated 15% per election, they would see much more action from either side (ex: 85% in high year like '08 Obama, maybe 55% in a high GOP year like '02). Democrats know they are a sure thing, so they only need to keep welfare flowing and make work jobs alive. No cares about social dysfunction or crime victimization in the community. Just show up for a photo-op with shirt sleeves rolled up to the elbow. The GOP can write them off because they are not getting traction. No core problems will get addressed since the dysfunction creates more need for government programs (education & social work) or law & order (construction & prison contracts), helping either side.

The blacks are caught in a bind, and politically the left still needs that 90%. With control of the media, the GOP will never chip it down to 66%. Look at exit poll data (even in Obama years). If 90% turns to 66% in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida and in some years Minnesota and Wisconsin, they have a huge problem (2004 becomes a W landslide). It has turned out good for blacks, right? Any socioeconomic measure improved since 1964? Any measure, compared to fifty years ago, that is improving or anyone is truly addressing? No, and no one will care. Eventually Jim Crow and apartheid will find a way into daily life, using progressive word cloaking and real estate pricing to make it happen. I'm sorry blacks. Not for anything I or my people are accused of doing today, but for your state of affairs. Hispanics outnumber you by 10 million, Asians flex their political muscles in California, and your buddies in Congress still want more of them to come here and compete against you. What privilege do "English as a foreign language" immigrants have over blacks? It may be a struggle now, but it will get worse.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Summer Skirt Break

It has been a weird summer hasn't it? We don't have shark stories or normal lame-o filler articles that the media spends time on rather than engage in deep dives or investigative reports. This summer is full of Bond villains like ISIS, coups in Thailand, Israelis and Palestinians fighting (again, shocking), blacks rioting over a criminal who attacked a cop, (again, shocking) Russia and China outmaneuvering the US, Germany inching towards Russia, Pakistan a mess, and an eeeeeeee-bola outbreak the Africans cannot control. The summer has also been oddly cool, outside the drought in California, and my lunch breaks have been spent outdoors enjoying the nice 75 degree weather. I have noticed a ton of women wearing skirts and summer dresses. Seems more than normal this summer or maybe it is just cooler so more are eating lunch outdoors. Try as they might, the feminists cannot kill the urge for women to feel sexy.

I'm a people watcher. I'm a girl watcher. The Internet is a cornucopia in that regard. It's the selfie society. For some cheesecake on this Friday (technically tomorrow), I thought I'd showcase two wonderful models (former) that you can easily Google and find a lot of NSFW and SFW pictures. A couple decades ago when glamour models had some cache and could be on those Pay Per View Playboy specials, these two would have been rolling in the dough. If you are old enough to remember, they were 55 minute specials that were made for Scramblevision viewing ("Guys, it gets clear 36 minutes into it for 2 minutes!"). They both do a great sexy, serious look and have great smiles. If a model cannot do the sexy serious look, they just have her smile. Go back to my American Pie post and take note of the four actresses. Happy Friday!

The blond is Ancilla Tilia from the Netherlands. She is one of those women who can wear her hair any color and look great. She did glamour and latex modeling. 

The best way I'd describe her is you know how the media and bros describe how hot Scarlett Johansson is? That is how Ancilla Tilia looks. Curves in the right places and amazing symmetry. Does media stuff now, and still looks awesome.

 The brunette is Katie Fey or Eugenia Diordiychuk. Ukrainian model who Google will return a banquet of NSFW images. She might look familiar if you check our American Apparel advertisements. 
It was very difficult finding any pictures of her in clothing. Phenomenal body. Gorgeous woman.
It's Summer. Get out. Not all is lost, just the broken world around you. Build anew. There are hot women to meet.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

NY Times Misses the ISIS Point, Rally the Sunnis!

The NY Times has a fantastic piece out about ISIS and Al-Bagdhadi. It is a tremendous look at the myths that are woven around this man. It is also a steady attack on how ISIS and their dear leader are both residue of the American foreign policy and military intervention in the Middle East. This is red meat for its readers. It is also selective avoidance to control the ignorance of its well informed readers. The NY Times does not want to admit it nor even let it be up for debate, but there are diversity, multicultural and religious lessons in ISIS that no liberal wants to touch. ISIS has taken a broken and beaten back group (Iraqi Sunnis) and given them something to rally around, something to fight for and an outlet to channel their energy that cuts along religious and ethnic lines.

ISIS is a terror organization, but one that is pretty well put together with powerpoint presentations, quarterly reports, and other Bond villain ideas. They operate oil and gas facilities to keep revenue up. They think of non-confrontational ways to have leverage like controlling a dam and threatening to drown Baghdad. They have taken the Caliphate 2.0 concept from Al-Qaeda and actually claimed one. It is a Sunni organization. This is not pan-Arab nor pan-Islam. They kill those who do not convert and attack groups that are not Sunni Arabs. Kurds might be Sunni but it does not matter. Shias might be Arab but are not Sunni. This is tribal warfare with basics of you are either one of us or one of them. The NY Times avoids discussing this instead to harp on the US policy moves that led to such a figure.

The Sunni Arabs go from ruling the region in 2002 to the losers of a civil war 2006 to the main antagonists of a bribe or kill policy (the Iraq Surge) to a broken beaten down minority pushed around, hunted down and squeezed by the central government run by the ethnic majority they used to dominate. Once the US forces all left Iraq, the government security forces became a Shia unit to harass and kill Sunnis. That sounds like a depressed group looking for any positives and primed for a leader. ISIS is nuts and disliked by Sunnis who give sound bites to foreign reporters as they leave battle zones, but check the NY Times article for details. They incorporated old Baath regime generals and leaders. The leadership delegated powers to different groups. The jihdais complain he relies on Baathists too much. Look at the map of where they control, and it shows ISIS controlling ethnic Sunni areas and fighting at the edges of other groups and areas held tighter by autocrats. It is a tribal unit. It has a goal. Proclaiming an independent state as the Caliphate, while sounding bonkers to Westerners, has a strong appeal to Muslims, especially Sunni Muslims in Iraq beaten down the last few years by Shias. ISIS is also winning. The Arabs, and most humans, are known to pick the strong horse and follow the hot hand.

The Times will avoid this rally around the tribe effect because it is an unpleasant reality of the world that globalist, multicultural pushing institutions like the Times doe not want to give any attention. If the Times were honest, they would label him the public face of the fighting front of the Sunnis against the Shias. (We are seeing it right now to a lesser degree in America with the latest dead black criminal turned martyr political ritual.) It is not hard to look around the globe and question the viability of liberal democracy or even nation states themselves. Catalonia? Scotland? Ukraine? The Times would not entertain the idea or even want its readers to entertain the idea of different models, but as history moves and the world changes alternative forms of unification should be explored and debated. While barbaric in their practices, the glue made from ethnic and religious identification and unity exhibited by ISIS and those who are supporting them directly and indirectly should not be excluded from any discussion.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ebola Assignment

Long term stories are not our media's strong suit. Fukushima would have been a tremendous long term deep analysis event if the media and its public had the attention span. Same thing applies to the 2008 American financial crisis. Right now, we are seeing this with the ebola coverage. The body count and death toll are headline attention grabbers, but it might be good to do some actual investigating. Some ebola questions that the media could put together for a primer article for us unenlightened.

What is the incubation period of this strain of the virus (normal = 21 days)?
What is the transmission profile of this version of the virus?
Why has this outbreak had a low death percentage compared to others?
Why are health workers getting it if they are covered in hazmat suits?
Why is the warning that you could catch it from someone in the same room if this is only transmitted through bodily fluids?
Why did we bring back the Americans infected to US shores if we have countless military bases across the globe?
Why have flights not been stopped from nations with outbreaks?
Why have flights from nations with outbreaks not been sent through automatic quarantines?
Are these nations accepting any flights from the Middle East? (Let's think of who might want to be exposed and spread it. Remember ISIS thinks like a Bond villain organization.)
Death toll steadily climbing, what are the reasons that ebola is not burning itself out like normal?
Are we not stopping flights because it might hurt the global economy?
Any thought to an International organization stepping in to tighten up and assist with the leaky quarantine?
How long does the world let West African nations fail at commanding any sense of order to contain the virus?

With the lack of awareness of a life threatening deadly virus killing Africans' family and friends yet Africans do not change behaviors or leave bodies out, how much more of this equality garbage are we going to be force fed?

I'm sure the crack reporters you have in Missouri right now would love to be surrounded by other swarms of looting people of West African descent. Ezra Klein, Chris Hayes and Matt Yglesias, your tickets are waiting at the gate.