Thursday, April 23, 2015

Military Progging in 3 Pictures

Second, there is the news that the progressive political commissars made a voluntary Army cadet exercise mandatory, and by golly, it was having men walk in red heels to understand the plight of women.

Third, unreported but most likely true per seismic activity detected from the laughter, America’s geopolitical rivals in Russia and China had a good chuckle and made a toast.


This last picture was from 2005. 10 years. Feels like a generation ago. Could have been an Air Force recruiting image. This image released now would be shouted down 10x more than it was in 2005. 'Merica.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Bloomberg Nearly Forgets Russia's Near Catastrophe as Russia Buys 1 Million Ounces of Gold

Rarely does one get a chance to expand upon criticism of the media for an even sadder act of inaccuracy and irresponsibility in one week, but the American media never stops dig for new lows. While critical of the American coverage of the attack on Russia and now the subsequent silence about their recovery, I never thought the American media could treat the “near collapse and financial ruin and destruction of the ruble” as a non-event. Bloomberg has proven me wrong. On Monday, the folks at Bloomberg reported Russia’s purchase of 1 million ounces of gold in March. This puts another nail in the “Russia’s Economy is Dead” coffin.

The purchase is interesting because it adds another 30 tons of gold to their stockpile within 90 days of the Western media incorrectly proclaiming that the Russians were selling gold to stabilize the ruble. After the January and February hiatus to get things in order, the Russian are right back to their purchasing rate of 2014. The purchase is not much in the grand scheme of things, and to show how little the purchase is and how much fiat we are swimming in, check out the TIC data from this spring. The purchase of that gold cost them over a billion dollars, but did not even make up 10% of the reserve reduction in Russian Treasury holdings in February (March’s data is not yet available). These big moves are drops in the bucket for all the paper dollars swimming out there in the hands of anyone with a trade surplus. These purchases scare the US elite? What happens if mass defection catches on?

The fun thing to laugh at is how the Bloomberg plays down the ruble collapse to one sentence, and not even that, just a fragment of a sentence. This is not even 90 days after stating the ruble may collapse, protests might erupt and Putin might be on the way out. Putin spent a week sick, and pundits were spinning anything from coup to love child to sudden, life threatening illness. The entire American media machine sets up the story to make every American believe the ruble will collapse and Putin will be weakened and not three months later, it is a small foot note in the news blurb. Back to buying gold, forget we dug their grave, move along plebians.

There is no media watchdog, and no one empowered to punish it when it is wrong and malicious. This is not too different from the shooting of Mike Brown being trumped up to most important thing in America to becoming a footnote as facts prove the media’s narrative wrong. Even the DOJ report that showed Officer Wilson was in the right for his actions, and that “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” is a lie, the DOJ report was then spun to show systemic >sniff sniff< racism >sniff< is prevalent in Ferguson, Missouri because of a few insensitive jokes and arrest records. Whether small town cops or geopolitical opponents, the media guns are always pointed at you. When they shoot, maim and are wrong, well it was just a rush to get a story out, blurred by the fog of incomplete information. I tweeted to Jacob Weissman about his incorrect Ruble collapse predictions in print, and he admitted to being partially wrong. That means he is 100% wrong. It also means that when enough people see how consistently wrong Western media is on all subjects, often with malicious intent, there will be a cleansing media fire and re-evaluation of the exact powers and freedoms of any society’s media.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The NY Times Can't Fix Venezuela

A improper basket case is never seen as legitimate by the American media. There is always some righteous, and leftist, opposition, no matter how small that truly speaks for the people. If this illegitimate government was seen as rigging elections, it will be attacked at any sign of weakness. Now a proper basket case is Venezuela. Venezuela is a socialist paradise, or at least was portrayed as a populist, socialist uprising of support for Hugo Chavez. His crew of gangsters has wrecked Venezuela’s economy and society. The NY Times is on the case for how to fix it, but will not say anything about political reform or removal of the cronies in charge. No enemies to the left in the pages of the NY Times.

The Times enlists left wing Alejandro Toledo to chip in an op-ed, or at least sign his name to their writing, to add prestige and gravitas to his words since he was the president of Peru in the ‘00s. Toledo has been there as a leader of a South American nation, so he digs the problems, man. Some very clever sleights of hand that happen are calling into question income inequality and how the elite are separated from the rest in near economic apartheid but never admitting that the elite are Chavez’s gang of pals. The other deft side stepping is citing Chavez’s moves for redistribution but never painting Chavez’s economic policies as the reason that the nation is running out of toilet paper.

The answer to fixing Venezuela’s problems are more redistribution as social welfare programs should be enhanced. More “direct support” for pensions and unemployment insurance. Slow down, but Chavez did things like that while in power leading to this crisis. There is an odd mention of following the lead of “other Latin American nations and reorient its economy away from dependence on the volatile oil export market”. This is a bit confusing as how many OPEC members are there in Latin America? How many oil exporters in general? Speaking of the oil market, why not have the government remove the forced oaths of loyalty for oil workers that Chavez required, which created a brain drain and subsequent drop in oil production? Moving to more manufacturing and food production would allow union creation and Peronism to solidify the Chavez clique’s hold on power.

Toledo cites something he did, and it was called “conditional cash transfers”. This is where the government pays out welfare but only is certain conditions are met by the recipient and their family. Sounds like a child’s allowance but there are plenty of adults with the sense and impulse control of children. Sounds a bit like a modest proposal that some in our community would love to apply. Maybe this is the solution for Detroit, but why stop at a conditional additional benefit? Let us set up any government assistance to civilization building behavior. The World Bank even studied the program and found a true blue positive effect to those policies. Now when can we apply this to parts of our cities where the ruin is at Dresden in ’45 levels?

The other weird suggestion is that Mr. Maduro the stand-in “face” for the “Venezuelan Communist Regime” should open up political freedoms and allow for the opposition to exist peacefully and outside of jail cells. Toledo goes into a kumbaya mode as he raps on how the wider a democracy is the better the economy and then the better democracy is in a virtuous cycle. Wonderful way to conflate the joys of economic expansion with voting. More democracy put the Venezuelans into this current state of disorder and ruin. The Chinese have taken a gigantic jump in living standards all the while lacking this democracy that Toledo loves. Any suggestion to suspend elections and go on a massive reorganization of the entire Venezuelan sociopolitical world? No. The left wants Venezuela to stay far left just with running water, working electricity and toilet paper.

The op-ed ends with Venezuela deserves better. Does it? Even with the rigging of elections, there were plenty of Venezuelans who supported Chavez and his gang. The ones I feel sorry for and who deserve better are those who never wanted the Chavez routine, those who hopelessly but honestly believed in the rules of the game, and those who wanted out but couldn’t flee. The corrupt elite who set Venezuela on this path and those who gleefully chanted for Hugo deserve what they get. After all, they voted for it.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Yemen, the Islamic Vortex, and Differences

Yemen is in the news. It is a nice way for the right to crow about a failed Obama policy. Har har, he called Yemen a success. It is a way for those of us on the outer edge to talk about the Islamic vortex. it is a way for Iran hawks to warn about the dangerous broadening of the Saudi-Iranian proxy war with those bad Iranians supporting those evil Houthis. The War Nerd has a great post and comes close. With the War Nerd, when in doubt, blame Western interests that you call domestic opponents. What if everyone is a little bit right, but also wrong. The Yemeni struggle is a domestic fight with domestic causes and motivations that everyone is pulling at to fit their view.

The airstrikes in Yemen were destroying the Al-Qaeda elements, but this is not blowback. Yemen is another piece of Muslim on Muslim violence because after the 20th century baby boom and polygamy locking out many men from life fulfillment, what were people going to do with surplus young men? This is not vortexy, more specific to Yemen. Yes, the Iranians are now helping the Houthis, but how much, with what, and how exactly? No one ever answers except for saying "training". The War Nerd does his normal devotional to rural tribes for fighting while desperately searching for a way to blame it on the American right. He is right the Saudis are scared, but wading through 5000 words of praise for rednecks because they happen to not be American rednecks is lame. Did anyone bother to read up on these guys? Frontline even did a documentary on them.

Their leader: your 8th grade math teacher

That is just the first two minutes, but note something in it. This is a homegrown group fusing Shia Islam with an anti-globalist agenda. Tell me who the drone strikes were on? Al-qaeda and the Sunni tribes they swam among in the general population. Here's the map of air strikes. Here is a map of areas of control. The airstrikes are not in Houthi held lands. The Houthi are not revolting due to the air strikes exactly, but foreign meddling in general when combined with who has political power in the capital. On a broader scope, the Houthi dislike the corruption of the Sunnis that we put in charge, and dislike the US global war on terror. This might sound shocking but the split of control right now looks a lot like the split during the Cold War, when Yemen was split into two separate states. The geopolitical quirk that makes unification desirable yet a problem due to the tribal and religious split is the Bab-el-Mandeb and the fantastic port of Aden being so close together. The empire would want one local warlord to rule over both spots so imperial bribes only have to go to one man. The geopolitical value is why the USS Cole was in Aden when bombed.

There was another conflict that was similar but viewed incorrectly as it fit into a broader ideological battle. Vietnam. Vietnam is the go to for US military intervention no matter the different scenarios, but for once, Vietnam is similar to the situation in Yemen not militarily but in how it is viewed. Vietnam was not another Chinese civil war or Korean war. Vietnam was an independence movement that had been fighting an outside force for decades before the US came along. Woodrow Wilson patted Ho Chi Minh on the head and sent him packing when he wanted support for self determination in the 1910s. The fight was against the French, the Japanese, the French again, and then the US. The terrible communists under Ho were smart to make their umbrella incredibly wide and use the call of "independence" to their gain. The American establishment incorrectly viewed this as a Domino theory problem, where the commie plague would spread as countries fell like dominoes. Vietnam was different. They did not see that in '54... nor in '64. No one wanted to "lose" another country even if the rest of Asia looked stable in the mid-'60s.

Yemen is a local fight, over local issues. The UN just voted to ban arm sales too the Houthi. No veto by Russia, and even the Saudis were okay with humanitarian provisions in the agreement. These are areas that have been based on tribal leadership and loose confederation for ages. These are distinct tribes, so bringing everyone together into arbitrarily drawn states from early in the 20th century looks like a bad idea right now. The Houthis have the numbers to say no more to Sunni puppets, and they can make it rough enough for the puppet masters to relent. Sykes-Picot is being blown up, and this will not stop in Mesopotamia. Arbitrary lines around the globe have been drawn up for different contemporary populations than the original inhabitants. We can all pray that reasonable accommodations and separations can be made so little Yemens do not pop up all over the globe. A fusion of Shia and anti-globalist efforts... replace the Shia beliefs with nationalism, ethnic rights or whatever rallying point, and this is just another piece in the anti-globalization push worldwide.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

US Media Silent Now About Russian Finances

A few months ago, the media stepped in to push the Russian financial collapse idea along with the orchestrated attack by big finance. They have been relatively silent on stabilization of the ruble and now its rally. I stand corrected, The Economist writes that the rally is "Unfair". They generally must stay silent because discussing what and how things happened would boost moves by "their" experts versus our experts who watch a crash and yell "whoocoodanode". Part of avoiding the actions is to hide that our elite could do the same but do not in moments of crisis. To give attention now would also set up a tricky situation coming up later this spring. Our media's job is not to inform but to entertain and persuade support for the machinations of our progressive elite.

Fun was reading Western sources write that aw shucks the Russkis won't be able to save their currency, and then see the ruble stabilize and now recover due to actions taken by the Russians. That Forbes writer talked of a desperate 150 basis point move, and had no clue that a central banker in 2014 would move rates up from 10% to 17%. Oh my God, a central banker who acts like days of yore. Russia's central bank head is a woman like Janet Yellen but much younger and on a mission to protect the ruble. The Chinese did help the Russians out, but the success to their moves were facing down speculators. The FED's mission is not to protect the dollar. The FED could pop bubbles before they become large and disastrous, but they do not. The "measured" interest rate hikes through the years by both Greenspan and Bernanke were to keep the debt expansion going for as long as possible and allow for more marginal borrowers to get pulled into the system. Sharper rate hikes at good moments in the mid-'00s might have prevented top of the bubble speculation and made the collateral damage not as horrendous. That is not our style though, as we just clean up after the bubble pops and the middlemen collect their fees. It was not always the case as we did rate hikes like that in the early '80s.

The ruble's recovery is based on many different factors. Oil's stabilization helped, but their central bank held firm in the face of the attack. The recovery might continue and even pick up steam as the spring rolls on. Why? The sanctions on Russia expire in June. They cannot be extended without Greece's vote. This makes those meetings between the Greeks and Russians make more sense now as besides some cash for the Greeks, the Greeks actually have something to offer the Russians besides Spring Break destinations. The entire euro experiment hits weird snags as sanctions, the euro, debt and a whole host of related items come to a head. The Greeks could take bailout money, but veto the sanctions if the deal if less than they need and the Russians can supplement. Shhh, but the Russians are already dangling 5 billion euros to Greece in exchange for a gas pipeline. Anyone look at who picks up most of that Greek debt? The EFSF owns over 60%, and individual nations like Spain and Italy own, roughly, a combined $60 billion. Think Italy and Spain can handle that hair cut? How much could Russia supplement? How fast does Greece veto those sanctions? How much does the ruble recover afterwards?

The media can report on the event. It will go into hysterics for Greek default monthly (we've witnessed this for years), and it can go into rage if the Greeks help the Russians for one moment. Will we get an analysis of whether those sanctions were justifiable? Probably not, as that would create a curiosity about why or when exactly did everything start in Ukraine? Why does no one place sanctions on us? Wait, we're the global empire? Hold on, how can that be, the US is the underdog helping the little guy find freedom!?!?!??! Russia is no angel, but Americans cannot have that conversation about the ethics of the empire. The regime cannot have plebs evaluating the ethics of policies in the name of progressivism. They may start to question the ethics of domestic policies. Forget ethics, we cannot talk about how Russia weathered a financial panic, and what they did that our policymakers are so afraid to do.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

How the Hell Would They Remake Scarface

On Twitter, I was discussing the ridiculousness of remakes and sequels. We now have Star Wars, Mad Max, Jurassic Park, Blade Runner and even Scarface in the works. Just Nuke Hollywood. Not for the filth and propaganda but for lack of creativity in doing so. The Scarface idea blows my mind because Scarface itself was a remake of an old gangster film but set in the Miami 'Cocaine Cowboys' era. Oliver Stone being a coke guy helped when he wrote the script, but Miami itself is a star. If they remake it, do they do it retro? If they do that, it will be in the shadow of the original and fail. There is no specific location tied to our current problem drugs. Portland, Oregon for heroin? A flyover country town for meth? Meth peaked years ago. Here's a pitch.

Asian-American student grows up on the west coast. Not stereotypical math genius Chinese kid. Regular American kid listening to '80s/'90s music. Ends up in armed forces. Finds it weird how the US runs security on poppy fields in Afghanistan. Comes back after serving in Afghanistan and Iraq and goes to mandatory counseling BS courses. Thinks it is a joke. While in those sessions, finds out buddies have been popping oxys like candy and some go to narcotics anonymous. Finds out more have been dipping into heroin. He won't do drugs, good Asian kid, family pressure to make some cash and strive.

What does he do? Works way into heroin distribution network. Calls the shit they are getting terrible quality, screwing up customers. He has that striver in him. Uses fact he can speak Chinese to work as the import-export expert for the heroin infrastructure. Surfer buddy acts as Anglo face. Start importing heroin from Chinese through Western ports. Sets up base in Portland for more central location on West coast. Need montage of skrillex sounding shit over shots of importing with legit looking business up front. Has harem of heroin junkies. Tatted up white girls, vegans, some tiny Asians, he's swimming in it. Starts using. Gets relationship with hot blonde played by Amber Heard, but her womb is so polluted she cannot provide him with a hapa son. Sets up money laundering scheme for Chinese to buy property with their illicit gains. All goes well until heroin overdoses trigger the hippy Oregon governor to go after them if the feds won't do it. Chinese (do we make it the triads?) order a hit. Doesn't do it because "Greg Chen doesn't kill kids!!!" Starts using heroin heavily. Finds his sister is now waifu of Surfer buddy. Kills him. Eventually is hunted down by Chinese using former American vets who now work private security.

*Will never happen. Asian lead required.

The Mad Men Mistresses

"Why are they introducing a new character? Why is Don's new mistress worse looking than random retail workers? Wrap it up Mad Men, wrap it all up!"

That may or may not have been said in the middle of the second episode in the second half of Mad Men's final season. Mad Men peaked a few years ago, but it is still a fun ride. Joking on the plain appearance of Don's latest sexual play, my wife and I debated the women they have had walk through Don's life. This might be a theme throughout the last few episodes as they showed Don obsessed with the memory of Rachel Katz (season 1 + 2) and then bump into Sylvia Rosen (season 6). Combined with Mad Men's Creator, Matthew Weiner, fueling his creation with resentment from a youth that does not match reality and some small picture, we can evaluate his trysts. Each season, Don ran through a lot of skirts but would normally have one BIG mistress (the Sopranos series formula). Let's have some fun with a walk through side pieces.

I'm an artist, look at how I tied my shirt!
Midge Daniels - Beatnik artist who eventually turns to heroin. She is Don's mistress but more fun than anything since she is in love with someone else. This was when Mad Men was brand new so they could not pull in hotter actresses or bigger names. Midge is cute and fun, so it makes her a good mistress, but no one is leaving their wife for her.

We own retail in NYC
Rachel Menken Katz - Client that Don has deeper affair with in season 1. At a critical moment, Don asks her to run away with him. I'm sure handsome wealthy Don was going to be deeply obsessed with Rachel. His delusions with regards to Rachel run so deep he thinks she would leave her comfortable, rich life in NYC for and with him, because Rachel sets Don's mind and soul wild with desire and passion. Sorry, need to stop laughing at Matthew Weiner's writing. Rachel was first in a series of Jewish women that attractive goys fall for, none worse than Jane Siegel played by the amazingly beautiful shiksa Peyton List, that Roger leaves his wife for early in the series. No projection there Mr. Weiner. She cleans up well but resembles the mom from Malcolm in the Middle when not glammed up.
She aged well
Bobbie Barrett - Season two brought the hard charging redhead that is a wife of a comedian that does advertisements played by that ugly dude with gigantic eyebrows from Mulholland Drive and LOST. This is the "fingerbang"gal. The actress was that cute redhead that was on The Commish about 25 years ago. No threat to leave Betty, and this feels like one of those flings to make the ladies at home think men find ball busting, middle aged women sexy.

Naked pictures of her leaked in one of the celeb hacks

Suzanne Farrell - This was the cute dish who was a teacher that Don messed with for a summer. Pretty girl with a slim bod that was a bit crazy. She had a legit crazy brother and then had stalkerish tendencies with Don. She is the mistress Don was going to take away for the weekend, but when he ran back home quickly in his car, Betty confronted him about "the box". She stayed hiding in his car until she slunk out late in the night and walked home. No threat he'd leave Betty, and seriously, how much fun would it be for a crazy ex-mistress to come back and kill Don at the end? I vote for this one. This is probably Don's first mistress a majority of men would sleep with.

Beauty and brains
Dr. Faye Miller - "Oy, let's make a supah smaht Ayn Rand type who can be an all around catch, go get 'em buziness gurl but it doesn't work. She's gotta be a supah Noo Yawkah, but let's make her blonde. Oy vey, I uhh can't make this one Jewish too, so let's still have mob connections. Oy, but an Italian Ayn Rand type doesn't work, so let's give her the last name Miller. Gold team!" Faye is a good working girl who is smart but Don passes her up. technically, she is just a girlfriend since Don was divorced. I do think Faye was originally going to be Jewish due to the psych work, the libertarian stuff and she says the phrase "go shit in the ocean", which is a Yiddish curse. Why the fuck would Dr. Miller use a Yiddish curse? She is a hodge podge of NY big city working woman. She was important for the "season of vaginas" where Mad Men explored the oppression of white collar women in NYC in the '60s. Definitely a hot little dish played by Cara Buono.

Yes please
Megan - Hot thing that Don does marry, so technically in the girlfriend season but wifed up. Pretty good package all around. I saw this one coming a mile away because of her number of lines early in the season despite being a bit character. I always liked how the generational gap, and Don's gap from the changing times, was played with through his disconnect at times with Boomer Megan.

Betty Draper - Yes, remember he cheats on Megan with Betty. Hilarious inversion of things. While watching fat Betty waddle around for a season was fun, having harpie Betty be back to thin puts the Mad Men world in order. They write Betty so terrible that despite Don's bad behavior you still dislike Betty more.

Season 6: Don could not stay legit

Sylvia Rosen - Would Don stay faithful was the question many wondered going into season 6? No. Above is the stunning Italian they set Don up with as the mistress downstairs in season 6. We got to see her dressed classy, dressed in home fear, dressed in her lingerie, and rocking the mid-20th century classy MILF fashions. Funny fact, they cast 37 year old Linda Cardellini to play some middle aged MILF with a son in college. You might recognize her from Freaks and Geeks or Velma in the Scooby Doo movie. She was a nice foil to Boomer Megan who could not relate to Don as well nor really understand his problems (if even aware of them), unlike fellow Silent generation Sylvia. This is something most Mad Men reviewers missed, and instead the stupid SWPLs focused on Don banging a woman who looked like Betty Rubble. Huffpo and Grantland both mentioned this. I guess reviewers missed that this is fiction, and that also in the real world plenty of men cheat on their wives with women who look far different from them (see Tiger Woods).

I'm down
The other burning question going into season 6 would be if stories would wrap up. Not really. Weiner pushed more of that black secretary, introduce the new conflicted gay guy (I liked the old one better), and meander. Similar stuff in season 7. Very early in the show, Weiner mentioned the show would track the '60s and Don's downfall. He also said how things would shift to California as California was seen as new and where the action was compared to crumbling New York. We definitely have seen the '60s pass, but where is Don's downfall? Where is the shift to California? Don always manages to land on his feet and usually saving the company and richer on his part. I actually thought a fitting end would be a drunken Don lounging on California beaches, writing nonsensical fiction that never sells as Megan developed her career in Hollywood which was more a favor to Don by connections in television. The shift to California kind of materialized temporarily. Seeing shows like Mad Men and LOST end after taking a terrible turn or two should make us all appreciate the wonderful ending and storytelling of another AMC show, Breaking Bad.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Not Telling the Whole Truth on Paid Leave

Roughly a year ago, I noticed the whining over no paid leave for family medical reasons with the strong focus on maternity leave. As I wrote, the media is skipping over the fact that several states have state mandated disability leave programs that pay for maternity and other disabilities that are off the job (not worker's comp). The media is at it again with a weepy article in The New Republic. This is all about maternity leave and helping working moms out. Something needs to be done for working moms! Working moms are trampled upon! No one gets any benefit unless they fight! The government needs to do something! Media bias is wonderful when you consider they can lie simply by omission.

What quantifies as paid time off for maternity? How is it defined by this reporter? Many women work in professions where a long term paternalistic view of the employees allowed for massive sick day accumulation to anticipate births. Your tax dollars pay for those employee benefits for all of those school teachers racking up the sick days. That is not a formal maternity leave program, but it is 100% of pay for as many days as one accrues. Some schools allow teachers to use half pay and extend the time they are out. Hospitals are in a similar position. Because of the prohibitive cost of these programs, many of them are moving to short term disability insurance whether employer or employee paid. Sick leave still exists even if it has been cut back dramatically through the years (hurts men, too).

This is the biggest statement in the article that confuses me, "Eighty-eight percent of American women do not get paid for a single day or single hour after they give birth". Something feels super phony about this. Is the number taking into account stay at home moms and the unemployed? it is a shock number meant to generate feelings of "that's unfair". Where's the proof? First, there is the sick time structure at many firms. They at least have a few days if they do not have the rich school programs. There also is the private insurance short term disability market that treats a pregnancy and delivery like a normal illness, paying between 6-8 weeks (depending on natural of Cesarean delivery). This market is rather mature, and whether through a group policy from companies like Hartford or MET Life or an individual policy like AFLAC, this market has reached half of all employers. Last I knew, group insurance had over a 33% market penetration figure. Many of the employers that do not have them already have a rich in-house program that pays for maternity leave. Angie's List has an private insurance program and has over 1200 employees. Other giant employers have in-house programs that are even richer than Angie's List's program, and I would state that firms over 500 lives have in-house programs more often than private insurance. Those 500+ employee firms employ half of American workers. Where is the proof that 88% of women never receive any paid leave after delivering a baby? Where is that number from? Is this a twist of the reality where because the employee gets paid by an insurance company, the media can say it is not paid leave, but a use of a private service?

Sorry small firm employees
Now we all hear about the US gender pay gap, but we also know that it is a bit of trickery with how that number is calculated. Even with luxurious maternity (and even paternity) leaves for working parents, Europe still has many nations with gender pay gaps around 20%. If European socialism in its debt death rattle is not enough to close the gap, the gap just might be there for good. What do you think the euros are going to cut back when they have to pay the debt piper? Maybe the Chinese will let them keep it since it will make Europe less competitive. Is that gap also calculated with the same prog trickery? I do not know, but I am a cautious media skeptic. Whatever reality, the gap still exists so after watching decades of European socialism fail to close the gap, why would the American media call for a dose of it here?

Europe's gender pay gap

This is coming. Obama already used an executive order to set some of the federal employees up for it. Look who added paid leave to her agenda. This is just the bloat of the government bureaucracy and a new program to employ more of the leftist coalition in safe government jobs. A federal program will run as profitable as the state government mandated programs do, which is not at all. The government will wiggle its way into a new sphere of the employee-employer relationship. Here is one thing these progs never consider, and those dear, oppressed moms may be adversely affected. Small firms will more and more slide to employee people as 1099 contract workers to get around the rules. Many small employers will go this route and create a new, weirder relationship with their employees just to avoid the burden of government regulation. By why even bring that up? Look at the essay by Reecca Traister (editor) and the multiple "project manager", "communications director", etc. working in the big cities used in the essay. This is not to help all women, but to help those Lean In ladies self-actualize.