Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Reason to Distrust the Feds with Ebola

Ebola finally made it to American shores. Quicker than expected, and it made it here despite Vox stating it only had an 18% chance of doing so. This really was not hard to protect against. Quarantine all travelers who have been to afflicted nations for 21 days. Yes, it messes with their personal life, but we are talking about a deadly disease. Funny how the government is silent on the infected person being a citizen or not. We cannot have this messing up their immigration reform plans. We cannot stop flights because of the economy.  I am a bit cautious and worried for a variety of reasons but one specific reason is Andrew Speaker. Andrew Speaker shows just how faulty and soft our CDC and federal agencies can be.

Andrew Speaker was diagnosed with tuberculosis. It is a bit of he said-she said with what happened, but it also reveals the imperfect nature of humans that our analysts overlook. Speaker was diagnosed with TB and still went forward with his wedding and honeymoon. The CDC say they advised him not to travel, but why could they not just bar him from leaving the nation? The CDC has advisory powers, which is weaker than the EPA that can rain holy hell on anyone they find in violation of their regulations and codes. Maybe that stems from the CDC being created in the '40s vs. the EPA's '70s origins. Speaker pulled an act worthy of "Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?". He bounced around several European nations, eventually renting a car and entering the US from Canada, making his way through customs easily despite a warning being out for him that hit when his passport was scanned. He claimed that he made the trek himself because the CDC would not pay for arrangements back to the US.

This was in 2007; post-9/11 changes to security. They failed to scratch together the cash for a flight in an era of bigger government budgets. Our border specifically had a warning for him, but he did not look sick, so the guard let him through. Speaker, a lawyer, also was a bit odd in still going through with his wedding and honeymoon despite the TB diagnosis. He was also a bit odd with his behavior. I guess going to an American embassy never crossed his mind, which is Foreign Travel 101 whenever you have a problem. Humans are odd and oftentimes stupid, and we should freely admit this when life and death matter. Ebola has a 21 day incubation period. This really is not hard. Stop flights from infected nations (sorry 3-6K passengers). Quarantine anyone coming from or through infected nations immediately upon landing in the US. Once anyone shows any signs, lock them down in quarantine. Given our techno-police state tracking capabilities, this is not that hard, but neither was the problem of containing one man with TB. We still failed.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Remember the War in Afghanistan?

American combat troops leave Afghanistan for good by the end of 2014. Combat troops. Supposedly 10,000 troops will stay behind to train the army and occupy some bases. They aren't designated combat, so liberal Obama has cover. Afghanistan does not get much press, and has not since the Hamlet inspired delay on the Afghanistan Surge. It wonderfully reveals just how biased our media is as the death toll rolled through 2011 and 2012 at peak levels for our 13 year engagement in Afghanistan, and not a peep was heard from our media about the war in Afghanistan. The entire NatSec debate in 2012 was Obama killed OBL and that he ended the war. Messy details about Afghanistan would hurt the progressive system of win elections at all costs.

The progressives do not have anything set up well except for increasing voter numbers to win elections. Nothing really works besides that. The left needed to place Afghanistan on the backburner for 2012. Not helpful with close elections in play, and a peacemaker Obama image to sell. He ended the war in Iraq. How idiotic is that? We signed a SOFA before he even took office that had a schedule for withdrawal. The only thing he changed was taking the fastest way out, and then not leaving behind a force for any contingencies (like the war they're selling now). Ending a war, what a lame, progressive phrase. I ended a war. Will we admit victory or defeat? Will we learn from ending it? Does it count as ending it when the SOFA was signed prior to a person taking office? These are all things the mainstream media would not want to tackle.

It is also useful to keep it off the front pages as the media and our War Party had to sell Americans on new involvements possibly in Syria and now again in Iraq. How many countries do we have troops actively fighting today? How many thousands are still in Afghanistan? How many are still dying? There are counters out there, and there are people who care. There are also many Americans who view themselves as hawks, willing to fight and use our military anywhere. The military is the last institution that enjoys high levels of confidence from the citizenry. It is the last thing we can hang our hat on: we will destroy your nation. We cannot afford an outright loss, and Putin and the Chinese know this. We need to suffer those murky endings where we definitely did not triumph decisively so the progressives can win politically at home but we did not lose a "fair fight" so the red staters can crow about kickin' ass. Afghanistan hits just enough notes to appease everyone. Good War. Hearts and Minds. We're blowing stuff up! Fightin' cheatin' terrorists! What did we accomplish? >progressive tears<

The War Party keeps its spending a bit longer. Once again, everyone is reminded that the Nobel Peace Prize winner increased our war effort. "Nothing is going to change people, bwahaha, we'll have a government shutdown, but did the bombs stop dropping in Afghanistan during it?" Afghanistan was "the good war" as the left kept yelling for years that we were diverting resources that should go there by wasting time and effort in Iraq. As soon as Iraq wound down, they were disappointed Obama ordered the surge. Progressives always want to fight the fight you're not fighting, but the moment they talk you into it or you choose to engage, they walk away and claim it was not their desire. This is all spending, bombing and now, years after Al Qaeda has lost it's brain trust, for what are we doing it all? If we discussed that and cited the dead, we would be gone and not jumping into the Middle East fray again right now. All we get are more dead and maimed boys from the heartland, but you won't read about it on the front pages. Those men and the families they left behind have outlived their political use.

Monday, September 29, 2014

The Nobel Puppet

Seems America has an open engagement with bombing nations now. It is not if we are bombing, just where. We are still in Afghanistan, but that only receives coverage on page 17. The War Party gets what it wants, and military industrial complex spending stays high. Bombing and no boots on the ground gives us that fake feeling of not really being at war, just dropping bombs. With what we are doing with air power and supplying people to now fight ISIS (which we supplied the last few years), we revisit the old Nixon doctrine. It is just so fantastic hearing it from Obama. This is Nobel Peace Prize winning President Obama. This is a great way to hammer despair and a feeling of helplessness in the low information crowd. Your sainted peace prize winner is a warlord just like all the rest.

Who is this young guy?

It is actually brilliant and devious on the part of the powers that be. If we truly believe in a presidency with little true power, we have to admit there are elites in control using the president as a symbol. This is wonderful watching low information voters see the Chosen One go from Nobel Peace Prize winner (Daay-um, just like MLK. He be peaceful 'n' cool!) to a tan Bush. It drives in the notion to people that no matter what the control grid is in place and will not change. Give up hope. Nothing's going to go differently than what we, your overlords who are a global elite divorced from your traditions, want. Give up. Go back to Internet porn, NFL and the Kardashians. Bwahaha! I tip my hat to these psychopaths. Well played. No one should expect change ever again. People will also not think to change the entire system as human bias is to stay within the current box, so bwahaha, continued control for the puppet masters.

I found Obama's dad.
They also knew right from the start what type of narcissistic, thin skinned baby they were selecting. Obama has such a desperate need for validation and adulation that there was no way he was going to reject that Nobel Peace Prize. A wise man would have given the "I'm humbled" speech and rejected the award out of the insanity of it being given to him. Everyone knew it was a joke, and even the progressives were framing it as and award "that he will grow into and earn". Like a parent defending the contest they rigged, they will grab at any reason to defend Barry. How much better would it look had he said "No thanks" back in 2009. The press would have lavished even more praise on him. He could not do it though. His ego needed that rush. He needed another award to feel good. This is his mode of operation, his life story and "they" knew it right at the start. My one hope is that Obama is aware enough and honest enough with himself to be ashamed of the award, and that medal haunts him whenever he turns his face and it enters his field of vision.

Sunday, September 28, 2014


We may live in a degenerate age but we are told by the media that it is progress. Even the outright disgusting is celebrated as a renaissance. Divorce, illegitimacy, gays, gay marriage, transgender people, soon to be followed by polygamy, bestiality (transspecies romance?) and loosening of age of consent laws (probably for gays + horny female teachers only). This is not progress, only change. This is not new, just located on our shores. We live in the United States of Weimerica.

On the internet, you can find escorts (any shape or color) on Backpages, Seeking Arrangement will get you college girls, Chaturbate and webcam performers do anything for the right donation, Tumblr is full of naked amateur selfies, and pornography (filmed whores) takes up one third of internet traffic. Rule 34 = if you can think there is porn made of it. An S&M book is a wildly successful best seller. Gay bars pop up even in smaller US towns. What a free wheeling time! Not quite. The Germans of the Weimar Republic did this all with cruder technology. Gay and lesbian bars were in bigger German cities. Marlene Dietrich, bisexual movie star, stole her gender bending style from a hideously ugly lesbian radio personality. Germany was full of burlesque lounges, tawdry films, and had a spectacular variety of prostitutes available by phone and on the streets.

How wide was the selection of whores? Let's check out the seventeen categories for different prostitutes available.

1. Kontroll Girls - legal whores regularly checked for VD.
2. Half-Silks - part timers who worked day jobs.
3. Grasshoppers - street walkers that worked the back alleys.
4. Nuttes - boyish schoolgirls who worked for pocket money after school (Hey, Seeking Arrangement?).
5. Boot-girls - Dominatrix types that stomped on men.
6. Tauentzien Girls - Mother-daughter teams that specialized in threesomes. Daughter ages did go low.
7. Munzis - Pregnant women. They demanded good money as it was a weird kink.
8. Gravelstones - Deformed women who worked for little money and often had missing limbs.
9. Chontes - Cheap hookers from Poland who picked up clients at train stations.
10. Fohses - High end women who advertised in papers as masseuses (hi, alternative weekly girls).
11. Demi-castors - Girls from respectable families that worked in brothels part time.
12. Table-ladies - High end hookers who worked tables at night clubs (bottle service anyone?).
13. Dominas - They were the domes in S&M fantasy acts.
14. Minettes - These girls specialized in odd fetish play.
15. Race-horses - Women who were the subs in S&M acts.
16. Medicine - Child prostitutes. Yes, Weimar reached that low.
17. Telephone-girls - Child prostitutes. So low they had two types of child hookers.

There is something for everyone. I may be infering too much, but using young Russian expatriates for whores and poor Polish girls sounds a lot like our modern human trafficking for sex slavery concerns. The BDSM crowd had representation in Weimar, too. Same sickness. They were only limited by the telephone.

How did we get here? How did Weimar get there? The Weimar period saw a surplus of women by the millions and hyperinflation combined with mass unemployment. The economic problems were not permanent but a lingering concern. Sell yourself to eat right? The gender imbalance was caused by millions of dead and maimed men from the Great War. A surplus of women will lower their price. It might be a reach, but consider the mass media conditioning in modern America. Dalrock and Heartiste focus on the media's lies and divorce fantasy for a reason. When the media deems large swaths of men uncool or unworthy, they are effectively removing them from the dating pool. A gender imbalance ensues, creating a need for women to one up in degeneracy to keep a man. Combine this with toxic "you go girl" sex positivism, and we have the sexual olympics of the modern college and night club scene. Weimar Germany had hocus pocus sexologists pushing for transgender rights nearly a century before America had hocus pocus fake degreed sexologists going to US campuses saying the same thing.

Women are incredibly important outside the sexual realm, and the US and Weimar media both were aware. Females were new voters in Weimar Germany, and due to outnumbering male voters by one million, swung elections even with their pell mell small party parliamentary system. Since 1980, women have been a bigger voting bloc than men in America. Our media pushes birth control, gay rights and abortion on demand as the most important issues for female voters (#waronwomen). Hollywood productions continuously bring up ludicrous white women health situations and perfect gay male characters to nudge voting in the right direction. The media elite in Weimar Germany did the same.  The film Sundige Mütter portrayed the old order's abortion and illegitimate child policies in a negative light in the fall of 1918. This is akin to every Hollywood movie portraying the 1950s as a stifling US Nazi patriarchy. The 1926 film Women's Crusade cast a heart throb as an abortion doctor and stressed the need for abortion reform (pretty prosecutor's fiancée is raped, creating need for abortion). That film was heavy handed with every example of a snowflake abortion seeker, similar to every gay man in a Hollywood production just wanting to get married and adopt an Asian baby.

This molding did have an effect on Weimar Germany as it does on American citizens. Surprise surprise, abortion reform followed thereafter. The decriminalization of prostitution followed as well in 1927, with the break up of state brothels and anything goes hit hyperspeed. Exactly who gets busted for prostitution today? It is de facto decriminalized. Earlier, in 1922, Germany's Youth Welfare Law expanded social safety net programs for illegitimate children. Socialize the costs while providing income to the offender. That link also points to a problem the welfare programs created: massive class conflict where the upper end and lower end were helped to the detriment to the middle. Now I know you have heard that in modern American. It is better now to have the child out of wedlock to collect all the benefits rather than do the right, traditional thing and have the child within a marriage. Financial incentives matter, and financial rewards will anger the group that feels they are doing the right thing but the wrong thing is rewarded.

The Weimar hyperinflation was early in the republic's days and solved by the end of 1923. This took the international community restructuring loans and admitting the Germans back into international normal standing status (multiple Peace Prize winners from this process). The hyperinflation was a boon to debtors as all debts were basically torn up. The large corporations that earned foreign currency fared far better than smaller producers (similar to post-2000 foreign earnings for US based multinationals today). Blue collar and lower wage earners saw increases through negotiating power versus salaried employees. Salaried employees also could not qualify for the new social welfare programs (sounds eerily familiar now). The middle class also saw their savings wiped away through the inflation while lower class Germans had no savings to lose. It was a middle class squeeze that when the recovery came, saw the middle class sink closer to the level of the lower class. All the US needs to complete this cycle is a good hyperinflation or with our debt loads, multiple years of 15-20% inflation. It would not be hard to recreate today. Even in the golder Weimar years, things were so unstable that The New York Times in October of 1926 was noting the push for a restoration of the monarchy in Germany. The major German newspapers looked at that a bit different.

The media itself was far to the left of Weimar Germany just like America today. The publishing house of Mosse and Ullstein sold 50% of all papers, and the Jewish publishing house proudly supported liberal policies even as the German people rejected them. Right up to Hitler's electoral victories, the Berlin papers were shouting the same progressive line. Karl Kraus, Edward Bernays and Wyndham Lewis all knew that the media held the invisible power then as it does now, except they openly discussed it and found publishers willing to provide an outlet. The entire intellectual elite of Weimar Germany was said to live in a bubble, separated from the common man. Funny how the period was not appreciated until decades had passed and the American '60s happened and another similarly Jewish elite rose. One wonders how many post-68 taste makers were cousins of the Weimar degenerates. This bubble was not a major problem until the late '20s crash and political fragmentation posed problems beyond their capabilities. Sounds too familiar and depressing as a modern American.

There is a major difference between Weimar Germany and modern America that can give the disconnected elite hope. Weimar Germany was overwhelmingly German. Weimerica is 65% native stock. The remaining 35% have been bought with economic transfers and class protection that will secure their allegiance to the left no matter how degenerate or nonsensical the policy is that pours from the pages of the New York Times. That divergence is important because it guarantees that there will be no Cornbread Hitler or strong man to clean up the Weimerican elite's mess. There is another historical entity from the early 20th century that lines up much better. Mixed ethnicities, multiple languages, sluggish economic growth, stagnation, lost pride, an empire, dysfunctional government, secession movements (real and fake), corruption and on far too big of a scale than could ever be efficient... and that entity once looked to yhe American model of federalism as a possible savior. It did not work, and the United States of Austria-Hungary never was born because the Austro-Hungarian Empire dissolved from too many centrifugal forces. For now, we can delight in the hedonism and sink in the despair that is Weimerica.

Despair is real. The tone is between the lines of even those who gleefully enjoy the hedonism offered by Weimerica. The libertines secretly wished for order to return. The boys of Return of Kings love the cheap sex era but long for good women to wife up and fair family laws. There was the same echo in Weimer Germany. I'll let Stefan Zweig explain it eloquently in "The World of Yesterday".

Berlin was transformed into the Babylon of the world. Bars, amusement parks, honky-tonks sprang up like mushrooms. What we had seen in Austria proved to be just a mild and shy prologue to this witches' Sabbath; for the Germans introduced all their vehemence and methodical organization into the perversion. Along the entire Kurfurstendamm powdered and rouged young men sauntered and they were not all professionals; every high school boy wanted to earn some money and in the dimly lit bars one might see government officials and men of the world of finance tenderly courting drunken sailors without shame Even the Rome of Suetonius had never known such orgies as the pervert balls of Berlin, where hundreds of men costumed as women and hundreds of women as men danced under the benevolent eyes of the police. In the collapse of all values a kind of madness gained hold particularly in the bourgeois circles which until then had been unshakeable in their probity. Young girls bragged proudly of their perversion, to be sixteen and still under suspicion of virginity would have been considered a disgrace in any school of Berlin at the time, every girl wanted to tell of her adventures and the more exotic, the better.

This all feels like our modern era, and Zweig goes on to discuss the lame, hollow feeling to it all, much like our time.

But the most revolting thing about this pathetic eroticism was its spuriousness. At bottom the orgiastic period which broke out in Germany simultaneously with the inflation was nothing more than feverish imitation; one could see that these girls of the decent middle class families much rather would have worn their hair in a simple arrangement than in a sleek man's haircut, that they would much rather have eaten apple pie with whipped cream than drink strong liquor; everywhere it was unmistakable that this over-excitation was unbearable for the people, this being stretched daily on the rack of inflation and the whole nation, tired of war, actually longed for order, quiet and a little security and bourgeois life. And, secretly it hated the republic, not because it suppressed this wild freedom, but on the contrary, because it held the reins too loosely.

Weimar's decadent culture lived a short Gotterdammerung. Ours will too. Weimerica will come to an end, and when it does, someone must be there to restore order.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Emma Watson, Feminist

Emma Watson, Feminist, is asking men to help women achieve equality. This is the best they can do? Asking an actress. What deep, dramatic roles has she played that exemplify the plight of the modern, oppressed woman. Wait, I know one. Super strong feminist here...

I award 10,000 points to the house of Gryffindor!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Cold Summer

I'm in the Midwest so maybe this is a local bias, but it has been a cold summer.

Indianapolis had a record cold July. Fluke, fluke fluke.

One of the coldest Julys in Cleveland. Weather, not climate.

Record cold July is changing the leaves in the Pittsburgh area. Whocoodanode?

That is a summer after the Global Warming expedition was stuck in the ice in Antarctica. Shhh, miles further out to sea than the Scott expedition in the footsteps they were following.

This summer Antarctic ice set a new record for square miles. Global warming to blame of course.

Must be why they sent in the clowns for the Climate Justice March.

"And where are the clowns? There ought to be clowns..."

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Fall Feminine TV Schedule

Watching college football and the NFL has brought me in contact with promotional advertisements for the networks' new shows. These are terrible shows. Horrendous looking, cliché after cliché in the thirty second ads and almost always with a lady at the center of some wacky situation. It is terrible.

There is a show called Selfie. Young hot chick who loves technology is the center of this show. She is uber connected to social media and will be the celluloid version of the #LookUpBitch type. I guess Mary Tyler Moore made it after all for her successors to be Faceborg zombies on the job.

A woman in year six of law school has to balance her wacky family with the demands of making it in America. The networks are so desperate for Hispanic television shows that they sped this one to production, Per Grantland,

The story behind Cristela is almost better than the series itself. A year ago, up-and-coming Mexican American comedian Cristela Alonzo was asked to put together a “pilot presentation” for the suits at ABC. Not a full pilot, mind you. Just a few ideas as to what that pilot, should it eventually be ordered, might be. It was a courtesy and an investment, maybe, in the future.

That future came much sooner than anyone expected, Alonzo included. After delighting the network, the pilot presentation became a pilot, the budget for which was so small that it was actually shot on the set of another ABC show, Last Man Standing. The recycling worked: Cristela quite unexpectedly made ABC’s final schedule ahead of some higher-profile projects and names.

Do you know how hard it is to get a done deal? How long it takes? I have a friend in development hell because Lionsgate does not want to incur over 30% of production costs so they have to wait out for the proper tax breaks. Cristela has no kids, and mama wants her to settle down, but she is going to make it into that law firm.

Bad Judge
Oh yeah, legal comedy with some raunch from a lady. She's got attitude. She asks bailiffs to throw out pregnancy tests because 47 year olds are always getting pregnant, and she don't mind getting frisky in the judge's chambers. Ow! Honestly, Kate Walsh has great legs, which were always on display on Grey's Anatomy in pencil skirts. Walsh was also the real life inspiration for Christina Applegate's character in The Sweetest Thing. Walsh's judge is childless and unmarried, but then finds some inspiration in adopting the little black orphan.

How to Get Away With Murder
Shonda Rhimes' latest genius blacks doing smart people things and acting virtuous show. My guess is at this prestigious law school, there will be more black students than Asian or Hispanic students combined. Shonda has to dream doesn't she? My guess is she is childless and single.

Madam Secretary
"Okay, Isaac, put down the pastrami, remembah that show "Commander in Chief" that we used to try to prime people to vote for Hillary?"

"Oy vey, what a flop. We looked like schmucks."

"I got a bettah idea. How about Tea Leoni, right right, playing Secretary of State, right right, and she's supah hot and supah effective!"

"Gold, Avi, gold!"

This will be cancelled within a season because Tea Leoni cannot be in any successful television show.

The Mysteries of Laura
Soon to be single mom of twin boys is a lady cop. She also is so sexy to the men of NYC that they just can't stop complimenting her. Why are they on Seeking Arrangement??? Messing, weighing in at 90 lbs, plays a cop that will shoot the bad guy, and come home to hug her boys.

Looking at this stable of ladies, we have a bunch of single women working their jobs in a man's world while still trying to do something that resembles normal feminine roles: part time mom, part time daughter, part time wife. If this repetition sounds familiar, it's because it is old news. Here's a quote from Network, the fabulous film from 1976 that parodied television. About the upcoming fall line up:

Barbara: These are those four outlines submitted by Universal for an hour series. You needn't bother to read them; I'll tell them to you. The first one is set at a large Eastern law school, presumably Harvard. The series is irresistibly entitled "The New Lawyers." The running characters are a crusty-but-benign ex-Supreme Court justice, presumably Oliver Wendell Holmes by way of Dr. Zorba; there's a beautiful girl graduate student; and the local district attorney who is brilliant and sometimes cuts corners. The second one is called "The Amazon Squad." The running characters include a crusty-but-benign police lieutenant who's always getting heat from the commissioner; a hard-nosed, hard-drinking detective who thinks women belong in the kitchen; and the brilliant and beautiful young girl cop who's fighting the feminist battle on the force. Up next is another one of those investigative reporter shows. A crusty-but-benign managing editor who's always gett...

I love the stock crusty-but-benign older man archetype. It's the good grandfather role. They are gone from television today. You get the gist, though, this is the same schlock. Same story. Not quite.

Besides Selfie, most of the lead characters are older. Those fake shows from Network featured young women breaking into the patriarchy full of energy. What about these shows? The law student is in year six (so maybe age 28), the judge 40-ish, Secretary of State is over 40, Mysteries of Laura is over 40, and the legal genius professor will be over 40. No man in the picture for many of them, but they'll have romantic interests. Maybe they are frazzled by their lives, tired or jaded. Who does not have a social life? Who isn't watching sports? Who would be watching network television to zone out or even fantasize? A tired, frazzled and most likely lonely woman. Stare at the screen long and close enough, and you'll see your reflection.

Head in the Sand Boomers

It is a bit too easy to make fun of Boomers. The Boomers were enabled by the Silents, who do not forget were a bit Boomer-ish in behavior, into destroying what our forefathers built and replacing it with garbage. Part of the frustration with Boomers is their destruction of something and lack of awareness that they have destroyed anything. Family? Screw you dad! Their own family? I gotta be me, sorry kids and spouse, I need to explore the space and leave you growing up in broken homes. Parenting? Latch key. Manufacturing base? Gotta offshore that for my equity options. They do these acts and are completely oblivious to the wreckage they leave behind. If you don't believe me, if you have a friend with a Boomer parent who did these aforementioned things, befriend them on Faceborg. Watch the avoidance of reality. I mention this as a reader (nikcrit) brought David Brooks latest missive to my attention.

"Snap Out of It" is the title. Stop looking at all the bad real things around you. Life is good! Forget all the bad stories this summer, and let's be honest, this summer was a treasure chest of bad stories. Things are much better now! This is one of the most head in the sand Boomer takes on the world I have seen. It contains gems like the following.

"I suppose New York isn’t as artistically or intellectually rich as it was in the 1940s and 1950s, but daily life is immeasurably better... Compared with all past periods, American cities and suburbs are sweeter and more interesting places. (ed: How about Detroit?) ... Even next to the 1970s — which witnessed Watergate, stagflation, social decay and rising crime — we are living in a golden age. (ed: Great Depression 2.0, Obama Scandals, social decay now don't count) ... This leadership crisis is eminently solvable. First, we need to get over the childish notion that we don’t need a responsible leadership class, that power can be wielded directly by the people. America was governed best when it was governed by a porous, self-conscious and responsible elite — during the American revolution, for example, or during and after World War II. (ed: what's different ethnically about our new elite mix?)"

Brooks was born in 1961, tail end of the Boom. He wants you to think of all those international problems or domestic problems as small potatoes in perspective. Forget about the BRICs trying to establish a separate world order. Forget about failures in the Middle East or Ukraine. Forget about problems here at home. There's a new Iphone.

Life is good... as long as you avoid that growing underclass. Watergate is a drop in the bucket compared to any current government scandal (forget Obama, just government in general). This is hope and well wishing from a man inside a very thick bubble. His bubble is NY Times pundit bubble, but it is not so different from comfortable Boomer. The worry is there. The feeling in their expanded stomachs is growing. There must be that fact gnawing at Brooks and his brethren in the Boomer cohort. The fact that the world they built and crafted is a nightmare and sinking compared to the old world that they so righteously fought to change, dismantle and impose progress upon for the better.

My retort to David Brooks is, "Sir, please, you be the first to snap out of it".