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The Political Ends of the UVa Hoax + Renda

First, to catch up to speed: here's the big post connecting Erdely and Renda, how Jackie's tale echoes Renda's Senate testimony about Jenna, and Emily Renda's two years visiting the White House. Now to tie the politics behind it all.

The UVa rape scandal has now turned into a media hoax scandal. This has not changed the UVa president's determination to punish fraternities. Fraternities are still under her thumb for now, despite the cause of her actions being revealed as a lie. The finger pointing on the media-activist side is flaring up, as "Jackie", Sabrina Erdely and Emily Renda all take turns distancing themselves from each other and throwing each other under the bus. Erdely is in hiding or re-reporting. "Jackie" is being Jackie. What is Emily Renda up to? She is project coordinator for the Vice President of student affairs at UVa. Sounds benign. There is also one gigantic role that the media has glossed over whenever they have reported on Renda and her connection to the story. Emily Renda is the subcommittee chair of the "prevention" division of the Virginia Governor's Task Force on Combating Campus Sexual Violence. The UVa rape story is a perfect illustration of the way politics works in America. Academia creates, the media pimps, and eventually the public supports what credentialed, unelected officials recommend to legislatures and regulators.

Renda center in grey

Let's follow the ball like the old Schoolhouse Rock "I'm just a bill". Academics like gender studies professors want funding. They also want to program our young daughters into good little careerists who vote Democrat all of the time. They can turn sex into a horrible event that can make nearly everything rape. How do we slant the field away from a neutral field towards the progressive allies. Let's criminalize sexual interaction. How do we do this? First we need academics to have ideas. They need to build institutions and campus resources to suck in young women who are in search of power and those who have been truly victimized (some maybe maybe not). Take young Emily Renda. Something happened to her that she considered rape. She enters women's groups, activities, and she catches professors' eyes. She might also be a bit hungry for power or to prove her progressive virtue. The academics can fill her head with their ideas to then speak when properly called upon, and the ideas are more convincing from a victim than an angry, lesbian Women's Studies professor. These academics and the grievance group connections can send little Emily to the White House where she can network, can be awed by the prestige and power of Capitol Hill, and most importantly, get her message broadcast to people with power. The victim can become the ruler! This is just the first step where academia plants the seeds and selects its spokesperson. The next step is important.

She even spoke at the signing

How do you and me find out about anything? The media; they select and decide what becomes a story. A person is killed every 30 minutes in America, but the New York Times decided you needed to know about Michael Brown. After her White House visits, Emily Renda is interning for the UVa president. Classes were a sideshow, right? Emily Renda spoke on campus, wrote in her school paper and was published by the Huffington Post. From there, young Renda gets invited to testify before the US Senate. She tells her story. She tells the story about "Jenna", who sounds a lot like "Jackie". Renda goes from intern for the UVa president to working as project coordinator for the Vice President of Student Affairs. Renda's warnings about this campus rape problem are now documented with the Senate, the White House knows about her and even HuffPo has published her tale. How do we get to the next step? Some people are pushing back on this rape talk. It's a slight road bump, if the media has something big to persuade the massses.

The media did have something "big", they always do. This is why Sabrina Erdely meeting "Jackie" through Renda in the summer matters. As Renda is testifying in front of the Senate, Erdely is just searching for the right school for her big expose. She just happens to get in touch with Renda, who introduces her to "Jackie". As Sabrina Erdely is crafting her story and talking to Jackie, Emily Renda is appointed to the Virginia Governor's Task Force on Combating Campus Sexual Violence. Look at the pictures of McAuliffe signing the task force commission. Renda is just over his shoulder. That is in August. The big expose comes out in November. There is shock and horror at such a vicious crime, not just from gullible progressives with biases but by normies. Notice how the media has reported Lena Dunham, Kesha and Lady Gaga all claiming they were sexually assaulted. The Bill Cosby story broke now of all years. Joe Six pack and Jane SUV hear about the Rolling Stone story secondhand from news reports that discuss the Rolling Stone article and just give bullet points. They see reports of angry young women on campus. They see celebs claiming past rapes. They start to think of how awful this is and that something must be done. We have strict rape laws and rape is actually down now compared to 1990. The nice lady journalist told me there is no radical feminist organizations on the UVa campus and that resources for rape reporting are deficient. Something must be done, but what?

Lucky for them, Emily Renda is on the governor's task force. Lucky for them, Emily Renda testified before Congress with some solutions to this dire problem that the public can be whipped into hysteria about for the moment. The governor's task force will deliver its recommendations in June of 2015. Anyone want to bet against me that the task force will make recommendations that line up with her Senate testimony recommendations? From her Senate testimony, she wanted federal oversight and "forced" re-allocations of funds. Taxpayer money to progressive programs.  If you think a governor's task force does not have far reaching effects, read up on the 1986 California Task Force on Self-Esteem. That task force overrode some of the evidence proposed, and took a different path that looks familiar to us in 2014.

"Self-esteem is the likeliest candidate for a social vaccine, something that empowers us to live responsibly and that inoculates us against the lures of crime, violence, substance abuse, teen pregnancy, child abuse, chronic welfare dependency, and educational failure. The lack of self-esteem is central to most personal and social ills plaguing our state and nation."
If you are looking for the origin of participation trophies and the snowflake Millenial generation's thin skinned behavior, look at that task force. It changed how California approached children from a social and educational standpoint. That point of view spread across the nation. We are dealing with the damage of that task force thirty years later. The Virginia task force on combating campus sexual violence will give the Virginia governor a guide for a new approach. This might, and most likely will, become new laws. If not laws, it might allow campuses to become grey zones where due process and individual rights are hampered all in the name of progressive ideas.

This is how it works. Read Moldbug. This is the cathedral in action. Academia creates -> media broadcasts -> laws and regulations passed. Are academics elected? No. Are they protected by tenure? Yes. Are media members elected? No. Are the protected by the first amendment and never fired no matter how consistently wrong? Yes. Is this task force elected? No. Is it a council that will recommend the governor and legislature? Yes. You have no say in any of those pieces coming together, and how incredibly convenient it is that academia and the media both lean +90% democrat (cutting edge progressive). This task force is staffed not just by activist Renda but by other academics. Is there a single voice for accused young men available? You have no voice here, the progressives stacked the deck.
Emily Renda has a conflict here. She is involved in a hoax perpetrated by "Jackie" or by Sabrina Erdely. She has supported the pro-narrative view in an NPR interview despite the truth leaking out. Please note that at each turn, each mention by the media of Emily Renda during this UVa rape viral piece and the subsequent truth pushback, no one mentions her role on the governor's task force. The media is protecting her by omitting her deeper involvement with a current governor's task force. This is an obvious conflict and shows that she has a biased point of view to be part of any recommendations to the governor of Virginia. She should resign from the commission. We all know the controlling powers will find a new Emily Renda, spitting the same academic jargon because 90% of academia is progressive, but at least they will not have been involved in a horrible hoax. Renda is a soldier and a vessel to carry their progressive policies to campuses across America.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

How Many White House Visits for Emily Renda?

How many times has Emily Renda gone to the White House? With this many visits, did anyone in Washington put her in touch with Sabrina Erdely? Did Erdely even consider any other colleges when she had this wonderful source just waiting in the wings to hook her up? Probably not. Wait for the pay off picture at the bottom. This sounds like an orchestrated media narrative to become policy not just in Virginia, but around America.

Here's an Instagram picture from 22 months ago about some student rape awareness designation thing.
A photo posted by @emrenda on

That is the first in a series, because here she is nine months ago saying she is back in the White House to help design a website. The fixer for the Rolling Stone article was involved with White House web design.

A photo posted by @emrenda on
Then there is an April picture about a data jam for preventing sexual assault. I have to be honest, the Millenial jargon is lame to read on presidential programs.

A photo posted by @emrenda on
Later in April, she appears at the White House. She took a picture of Joe Biden talking, but this one of her is better.

A photo posted by @emrenda on

Now here is the one that should make her nervous.

She is now a member of the Governor's Task Force on Sexual Assault. Does anyone outside of progressive circles want this Jackie-RollingStone-Erdely fixer involved with a task force that will most likely make recommendations to the governor of Virginia that will become regulations or law??? Her words do the talking, but that is her in September of 2014. She swore an oath to uphold the US and Virginia constitutions while discussing sexual assault prevention and response strategies. Yikes. Ahem, her testimony to the Senate might not be a problem, but it would be a shame if she has broken any oaths since the story broke in November.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Why Would China Announce Their Gold Reserves?

Most of the international financial press was waiting on a Chinese announcement about their gold holdings. I fully expected it as well since it has been five years since the last announcement. It has not happened. This is during a year where China has not increased their Treasury holdings. This is during a year where more financial warfare talk has happened, and Russia has been open about gold purchases. There have been multiple global conferences with big economic talk and symbolic picture arrangement. Why would China stay mum? China staying silent actually helps their accumulation of gold and set up for the final reveal.

China has financial problems just like everyone else. They have some advantages. They also are a player in the current set up that shifts currency their way. The Chinese have been on a buying spree, securing resource producers, building the "string of pearls" concept and buying gold and oil. The entire "Money to Africa" play is about gobbling up resources and doing so that does not come with the progressive belief buffet from the US State Department. Their UST holdings have been flat for over a year. Shanghai keeps importing gold by roughly one hundred of tonnes a month, but unless there is a private intermediary, those are private consumption numbers. The numbers are giant, and if you include that China does not export its own gold production, they, along with Russia and some gold purchasers, are sucking in nearly all available gold. The FED and US banking cartel wants gold cheap to keep the peasants sedate and kill any alternative to the dollar. China wants gold cheap to buy more.

This is why they have been keeping quiet about their gold total. When they announced their gold holdings in spring of 2009, that combined with QE and the FED balance sheet expansion, sparked a rise in gold from $900+/- to $1200 by the fall. This was just after announcing their gold holdings crossed 1000 tonnes. Some writers question if 1000 was even the true number then. Chinese officials have mentioned 8500 tonnes as a target. If that is the case, why would they want to announce a massive jump from 1000 tonnes to say 2000, 3000 or even 4000? That announcement could set off another jump in the gold price, making all future purchases more expensive. This also hurts them as Chinese firms have been buying stakes in gold producers. A lower gold price depresses their value, and it also forces some gold producers to either sell off more marginal mines or seek capital. The Chinese can provide capital. Worst case scenario would be a gold reserve holdings announcement setting into motion a dollar crisis before they were ready.

The Chinese also want a slower bleed out of the US. A slower bleed that allows use of the current system (which favors China) to remain in place gives them more time to accumulate gold, set up Shanghai and position themselves better for whatever shake up and new order is created. What happens if the current order is dismantled, and the Chinese declare they have 6000 or even 10,000 tonnes of gold? America would then be forced to audit their gold holdings to prove they are an equal correct? Global embarrassment time. Most government numbers have an element to phony to them, and PRC and USG are both maestros of the art. It makes sense to our Western minds to announce, show some cards and play on. The problem is the Chinese are tackling problems differently. The South China Sea island dispute melted away when the Chinese decided to build their own island. There can be no dispute if they build the island. That must have been on page 104 of Sun-Tzu's "The Art of War". As far as gold, China has no reason to announce their holdings. They just have to accumulate, wait and watch.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Rapes that the NY Times Avoids: Terry Bean

The press has been avoiding the rape accusations involving Terry Bean. Conservative leaning press outlets have noticed the mainstream press avoiding Bean's arrest, but the New York Times still has not written a thing about it. The conserva-media has harped on his status as a bundler for Obama. Obama thanked him, and even let him on Air Force One. Bundler means they collect massive amounts of donations for a specific campaign. Few have focused on how intricately linked he is to the entire gay rights movement. In a reversal of the gays just want to get married and adopt kids meme, Bean is accused of being the very predator that the media tells us is a horrible, false stereotype. His history is why the NY Times and big media avoid this story.

Bean does not shy from his political past. His Wikipedia page as well as his own political site mentions his founding of the gay Rights National Lobby and the Human Rights Campaign Fund. I wrote about the founding of the HRC, and how even in 1982, they were working on Walter Mondale. Bean was focused on fundraising. He would carry this over to push money to Bill Clinton in the 1992 campaign. Bean understood the importance of money in gaining a candidate's attention. Dukakis turned HRC money away in 1988 despite being cash strapped. The Human Rights program is a wonderful trick to make lower information people think this is about human rights like Amnesty International or political prisoners in third world countries, but it is just gay rights. The equals symbol should have been a hint, but is still rather tame compared to what social justice warriors wear on their sleeves now. Bean helped create all of that. The New York Times is not covering it, but gay media certainly is covering one of their heroes.

Bean's primary focus now is money, but how did he get his money? Bean is from a family of real estate investors. Here is their website, which reveals they target undervalued properties for rental. What does that mean? Well go to Rate My Apartment and type in newer acquisitions like Timbertree in Phoenix, Arizona, Copper Ridge in Albuquerque, NM, Allanza or Diamond Vista, in Las Vegas, NV. Those are subjective and can be gamed, but a lot of 2 stars out of 5 locations for Mr. Bean. Bean is a member of the group that benefited from the FIRE economy's growth.  Some of his investments were near the bubble peak in RE and in recent years. Those rising rents the media reports on in our sluggish economy are going to his pocket from the peasants. From the reviews of his properties, it does not appear he is fixing them up or offering superior service. The rentier class benefits, but hey, Mr. Bean just wants to see gays get some rights. Pay no attention to economic motives he may have for a president that has protected the moneyed elites and FIRE economy. Mr. Bean the absentee landlord investor is more like Mr. Potter.

The media could not be bothered with looking into any of this. They have done this before with him. When Bean has come up in the past, the media focus is laser like on simple arguments. Bean was incorrectly labeled a gay porn mogul in 2012 by the NY Post when Obama was thanking Bean publicly for his work and money. The HuffPo defense of Bean explains how Bean just managed the money of a dead gay porn producer. The weird thing is no one bothered to point out the comedy and disgust of money earned from gay porn being a large source of charitable donations to gay and HIV groups. How many large donors and charity maestros are close friends with porn producers and handle their estates? How many get busted for sodomizing 15 year olds with their boyfriends?

Moral relativists would say we all do this, but I'm struggling to find a bundler on the Open Secrets website accused of the rape of a 15 year old. Who/Whom, what fits the Narrative and what helps the progressive side are what matter. This cannot be reported by the Gospel that is the New York Times. God forbid, the Times readers might read one bad thing about gay men in the Times and start thinking that those flyover dolts have something to their arguments. Next thing you know people will look at the recent, giant surveys showing gay men make up 3% of men tops and wonder why more than 3% of male child molesters are gay. We could not have that or else Hollywood would have to produce a new prime time comedy, "Gays! They're Just Like Us!". Note that Bean is a bundler just like the conserva-media wants to push. This is not just about money but the message. Do note that Bean has been intricately tied to the creation of the LGBT rights machine since its inception. As the GOP establishment begins its embrace of Human Rights Campaign talking points, they are embracing the ideas and desire of a sexual predator. Big media cannot mention Bean because of his deep ties. The rot comes from the top but the managerial class will do its best to keep the stink off of page one.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Jackie's Story Echoed Emily Renda's Senate Testimony

Even after my Erdely-Renda post from Thursday, the Rolling Stone article continues to unravel elsewhere. The Washington Post managed to do the yeoman's work on the problems to the story. Chuck Ross at the Daily Caller has interviewed Jackie's friend Randall, adding to the catfish elements to the story. Emily Renda's still skating free from scrutiny except here. A really weird coincidence is found between Renda's words and Jackie's story in the Rolling Stone. This plays into who came up with Sabrina Erdely's story details. The media should be asking Emily Renda deeper questions than the softballs NPR threw her way.

Jackie's story to her friends differs from Erdely's reporting. Jackie has accused Erdely of lying, people have accused Jackie of lying, and it is a tornado of lies. This is where Renda fits in. Emily Renda's testimony to the Senate was in June. Here is a passage about a vicious rape on campus.
One of the student survivors I worked with, Jenna*, was gang-raped by five fraternity men early in her freshman year. Despite the severity of the assault and injuries she sustained, Jenna still experienced a feeling of personal responsibility. Looking for affirmation, she sought out peers and told her story. Sadly, each and every one of the friends she reached out to responded with varying denials of her experience; these responses worsened her feelings of self-blame – that she must be confused because that fraternity “is full of great guys”; that she must have made them think she was “down for that”; questioning how no one else at the party could have heard what was going on if she was telling the truth; or discouraging her from seeking help because “you don’t want to be one of those girls who has a reputation” for reporting “that kind of thing.” These statements haunted Jenna. She told me that they made her feel crazy, and made her question whether her own understanding of the rape was legitimate.

Sounds familiar? Jenna was a "changed name" to protect the victim. Is Jenna really Jackie? The section on the social life obsessed friends sticks out and sounds eerily reminiscent of something else I recently read. Here's the callous friends section of the Rolling Stone UVA article.
Their other two friends, however, weren't convinced. "Is that such a good idea?" she recalls Cindy asking. "Her reputation will be shot for the next four years." Andy seconded the opinion, adding that since he and Randall both planned to rush fraternities, they ought to think this through. The three friends launched into a heated discussion about the social price of reporting Jackie's rape, while Jackie stood beside them, mute in her bloody dress, wishing only to go back to her dorm room and fall into a deep, forgetful sleep. Detached, Jackie listened as Cindy prevailed over the group: "She's gonna be the girl who cried 'rape,' and we'll never be allowed into any frat party again."

There are a lot of similarities. The rape itself involved seven fraternity brothers. It was early in the girl's freshman year. The friends doubted her and were worried about the social implications. The reputation word used. Erdely said she started looking for a college in June. Renda's testimony was in late June. These are all just coincidences, but coincidences worth exploring before the project coordinator to the Vice President of Student Affairs at UVa starts changing policies.
If Jackie doesn't support Erdely's details, did Erdely make them up completely? Did Renda help Erdely fill in details from other attacks she knew of? Is Jenna from the Senate testimony Jackie? If so, why was it 5 men raping her for the Senate but 7 for the Rolling Stone article? If not, does UVa have a campus full of gang rapists and doubting Thomas friends that are obsessed with reputations? That sounds unlikely, but no one is asking Emily Renda. The media should be asking Ms. Renda these questions and her involvement with Erdely's story beyond matchmaker. If she is completely innocent, then Erdely needs to come clean.
This story was a horrible farce. Horrible in the smears and the lies, and the avoidance of actual rapes on campuses across America. It was also a lie in hiding the progressive side involved. Sabrina Erdely wrote this line, "But like most colleges across America, genteel University of Virginia has no radical feminist culture seeking to upend the patriarchy". "Genteel", so you can picture young patriarchs in white suits or seersucker suits sipping cool drinks in the shade of their antebellum mansions. This is all part of Erdely's narrative pitch. It is a narrative with major holes though. "No radical feminist culture" sounds fake to me. What else do we call an activist who pushed lying Jackie and multiple other student activists into the arms of Erdely for a national story? Lying to the national press may not be radical in Erdely's book, but it is to the rest of us.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Images from World War One

One hundred years ago, the stalemate had settled in. The Race to the Sea was complete. The trench warfare of the next four years was in place. Here is a random collection of photos from World War One.
Belgian fighting in 1914
The Belgians performed admirably. Their King decided to put up a fight. His efforts slowed the Germans down just enough to help stop the Schlieffen Plan.
Frenchman shooting over the body of his fallen comrade.
These are the acts that training is for, and what I wonder is how they would feel about modern Basic Training and the modern rainbow flag waving, multikulti forces.
Mauser pistol with a broomhandle
A weapon of a more civilized era.

French troop with owl in the trench.
War had not fully mechanized so animals were still in use for the Great War. Horses would still play a role in World War Two before the Jeep and helicopter replaced them.

German mounted lancers wearing gas masks.
Lancers were a leftover from the cavalry days of yore with mounted men wielding long lances. Such mounted lance wielding men were extremely dangerous to the American troops in the Mexican-American war despite the arms the Yanks had. 

Dog wearing gas mask in 1917
An interesting contrast and reason for the laws against chemical and biological weapons is how we don't fear them on our troops now but on civilian populations.

Major Eisenhower in front of a tank in 1917
All of the giant military leaders of America in World War Two were involved in World War One. Eisenhower looks so young here. I decided to post this pic and not MacArthur with his dashing outfit. I'll save that for next year. Do not forget.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Erdely-Renda Connection

Narratives are collapsing at faster and faster speeds now. Trayvon took months, while Michael Brown took weeks. The Duke Lacrosse hoax took months, while the UVa hoax took weeks. These false narratives pollute the social environment, yet repeat themselves over and over again because the people who hold the megaphone all lean the same way and view the world through the same eyes. One thing not getting much play is how this UVa fraternity rape hoax fits together. The players involved show the corrupt connection between the media, activists and the universities. While Sabrina Rubin Erdely and Rolling Stone are rightfully being roasted in the media, no one is talking to the main fixer of everything, Emily Renda. Emily Renda and Sabrina Erdely used one another to further The Rape Hysteria Narrative.

First it would be useful to look at Sabrina Erdely. Erdely has a website that writes about how wild and independent she is. Occidental Observer and even Jewish convert Luke Ford have gone the extra mile to call her what she is: a Jewish reporter attacking the evil Gentiles at every turn. Here are Erdely's three big crime stories; charges of molestation and rape of a boy by the Catholic Church, charges of rape mishandling by the US military, and now charges of mishandling of an evil rape by a fraternity at the University of Virginia. Review those opponents: white male Catholic priests, US military that is a bastion for white (Southern) men, and a white male fraternity in the South. Miss Erdely should tone it down a bit or else Tom Wolfe might accuse her of imitating one of his creations. The Catholic Church article never held up in court as the accuser changed his story multiple times. Military men are now pointing out giant holes in Erdely's story that involved US military procedures that do not make sense. UVa is now folding like origami. Amazing how she missed any of the gang rapes on campus committed by men of a different hue. Amazing how she did not write about the Jewish rabbi sex scandals, and how they treated accusers. Amazing how she picked this fraternity because looking at other elite schools did not feel quite right.

What felt right? Well what felt right was that UVa was "genteel". Erdely mentions aristocracy in her essay. Another thing to keep in mind is the UVa is elite but is 72% white, and because it is a state university, 68% of students are from Virginia. I doubt the Jews of the Acela Corridor are trekking down to UVa like they flock to the Ivies, so whites at UVa are not Acela Corridor good whites. UVa has fraternities on campus, which many of their fellow elite schools have done away with. UVa also is down South, so the rather ridiculous details of the rape event with political projection (evil white Romney supporters raping young woman "crushing it" at college) can feed into a Rolling Stone reader's default bias. It does not take much looking to find media articles cursing the South or articles calling the GOP the party of white, Southern men. "See, this is where they go to be made into racist, sexist bigots. Woooo, scary." The other connector to UVa though is Emily Renda, and this is where it gets interesting.

Emily Renda was brought into contact with Sabrina Erdely, and this made Erdely focus in on UVa. I contacted Renda through Twitter with honest questions about how she came into contact with Erdely. No replies. Here is Renda's profile. She was sexually assaulted or raped as a freshman. She self medicated but found fulfillment working as an activist and focusing on women's issues. Renda worked as a witness assistant with Charlottesville. That is another way of saying Renda worked as a "rape victim advocate". Rape advocates are volunteers who respond to calls from the police when a potential rape has occurred. In some cities, these advocates work hotlines as well. There are counseling elements to the job, and there are simple these are your rights, do you want to press charges and have a rape kit done elements to the job. I know a former rape advocate so I called her. She worked in Columbus, Ohio. Working a hotline and visiting victims at a hospital involves explaining rights and talking to victims. My contact said hospital visits were to young, urban victims (African-American). The hotline was used by college students split between 35% "I'm uncomfortable about last night, 50% "Something violent happened", and 15% "We were drunk shenanigans from goofballs".

Even in her limited experience, Renda would have had plenty of contact with actual rape victims as well as women who experienced something that made them uncomfortable. Either way, she would hear a lot of stories with a lot of details. Since Renda's own attack, which she proudly has bounced back from and will mention immediately to anyone willing to hear or print it, Renda has been immersed in activist work. The witness assistance program is not crime specific, but if you went to the link it is all domestic violence and rape focused. Renda did this before she went to the special council at UVa for sexual misconduct. This was before she wrote her thesis on the challenges of adjudication of sexual assault on campus or a school paper article on the trouble of legalities with prosecuting campus sexual assaults. Renda is quick to push the 1 in 5 sexual assault statistic. Renda organized a Take Back the Night vigil and event in 2014.

The year 2014 has been a big one for Emily Renda, because she has had a full calendar for a senior in college. She has had great press. Renda had an essay published with the Huffington Post in April about her assault and how she took charge of her life to make a difference. Weird thing is in another essay she wrote for the UVa paper, she cites an unverifiable verbal attack by bros for her being a feminazi and a cunt just for giving a speech on campus. Did it happen? Unverifiable, but I doubt it. Renda also went to the White House to be a part of a conference on sexual assault on campus, and she even testified in front of the US Senate about the problem. Take a look at her testimony. She mentions changes that need to happen including better peer support, better resources and help from universities, and possible codification of law at state and federal levels. Renda was an intern for the UVa president, and afterwards is now a project coordinator for the VP of student affairs. Erdely was looking in June for the right college, and she just so happened to find UVa because of Renda. Renda had graduated but was still working there. Of all the universities for Erdely to select, she found this university that just so happened to have the one young woman who testified before the Senate and went to the White House about this subject.

How do their interests collide and reinforce one another? Erdely gets an activist hooked into the women's activism network at UVa. Some of the party girls in the essay were also women's rights activists on campus. Erdely also has Renda the former witness advocate to shoot "Jackie" her way. Renda could help Erdely out with a sensationalized story right out of a '90s Lifetime movie starring Tracy Gold,"Shards of my Broken Heart". There are so many weird details in Erdely's essay. Erdely shows students as callous, disregarding Jackie's damages and event because of party concerns. Erdely's article also falsely portrayed the university as shuffling Jackie off and sweeping it under the rug, which the university quickly showed was garbage.

Look at Renda's testimony again. Here are her big bullet points. There is even CSPAN video of her.

1. Mandated prevention programming must include education about supporting peer survivors to foster a culture of reporting.
2. Universities should ensure access to advocacy and/or counseling to increase reporting.
3. Colleges must maintain a range of sanctions so as not to deter survivors from reporting and respect the variety of resolutions survivors seek.
4. Resolution agreements should foster cooperation between administration and students to combat mistrust of the university that could deter reporting.

Renda's testimony also addresses how there should be more federal oversight of this issue. This is forcing a federal solution to local crime problems. Note that there is money involved, which is the lubricant to everything in the progressive tool kit. The important thing to keep in mind is that Renda was the student testifying in front of the US Senate before her visit to the White House. Keep in mind she stressed a "culture of reporting".

In a weird way, the UVa president's quick, rash actions against fraternities might reveal her involvement. Despite the Rolling Stone retraction, UVa President Sullivan still has the frat on the modern version of "double secret probation". She wants a "culture of reporting", so does Renda.The UVa president resigned a couple of years ago when a challenge from the board was going to push for a more efficient school, eliminating some programs. She won that battle. What programs were on the chopping block? The women or gay studies classes perhaps? What is a counterweight of power at a university? The Greek system with its alumni connections, housing and money. Think of the weird details in the Rolling Stone article. Those details played into Renda's concerns and items that she wants campuses to change. This article helps both of them by giving Erdely huge publicity in today's rape hysteria climate and giving Renda a reason to push reform at UVa. Emily Renda is currently the project coordinator for the VP of Student Affairs at UVa. What do you think she could do with those policy ideas and a big sensational attack reported in Rolling Stone on her campus? If Renda spearheads reform at UVa on sexual misconduct policies and procedures in the same year she was invited to the Senate and White House, how high is her ceiling in the women's rights political machine? Much higher than Sandra Fluke's.

It has fallen apart. The story was too rich. Renda has even stated that she does not know what to believe now. Erdely and the accuser Jackie seem to be lying to one another or accusing the other of lying. Jackie's story also seems concocted not just for Erdely but for her friends to get some other guy to like her. She comes across as a bit rape obsessed. Something even came out that Jackie wanted to back out of the story but Erdely still went for it. That is like journalism rape. No means No Sabrina. Sabrina Erdely will probably get work in the future, which is a symptom of our broken media system with its protected priests. Emily Renda should come clean about her involvement and connection to Erdely. If she cares so much about women's issues, she should see how this will damage her crusade, but more importantly, may cause some women on the margins harm. Renda's work as a witness assistant should have clued her into Charlottesville real rape statistics. In the last four years, they have had 108 rapes in Charlottesville. Charlottesville contains UVa, which has about 11,500 female students on campus. If 1 in 5 women were raped while in college, shouldn't the number of rapes be over 2000 for those four years? There are 108, not 2000. That incident rate is more in line with the real 6 in 1000 rate, not 1 in 5. If Renda is using that 1 in 5 line including the defintion of assault being someone kissing you when drunk that you push away, hell most men I know has been sexually assaulted.

This is not a laughing matter. This crap journalism will repeat itself because journalists are never held accountable. Emily Renda and Sabrina Erdely will never have to explain themselves. Rape is real. Fraternity brothers shoving bottles into vaginas is fiction. There are plenty of rapes involving students that the Rolling Stone could write about, but they do not fit the narrative. The UVa campus is still dealing with the rape and death of a student off campus. That guy happened to not be in any fraternities, and also happened to be black. It is interesting that Erdely did not hear Jackie's story, see the off campus rape at UVa and decide to switch gears and focus. It did not fit Renda's goals (on campus rape rules). It did not feed Erdely's drive to fight the evil, goyim in the woods. This is how a story is built. The drives and wishes of selfish individuals who go looking for a situation to fit their needs. When the situation does not present itself, they invent one.